Do any of you have children that are required to pass test before graduation

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    My difficult child does have an IEP and he goes to a GA school. They are required to pass each of the five tests just like all the other students . Have any of you had to deal with this lately? My difficult child is just not a test taker. He understands the importance of these tests but he gets tired easily and he seems to give up. He is already worried about the test and is beginning to see himself as stupid. He works hard and makes good grades with only a few modifications but taking a test is not his cup of tea. Is there something I should ask the IEP team to put in his IEP to help with this test? They will not allow any accomodations except extra time. GA requires remedial help or tutoring after each test is failed. He has already failed the writing and had tutoring and has had the retest. We may have to do this with the other four test. Is this the way your state tests Special Education. kids? I am worried that if he doesn't pass these tests he will not be able to go to a college because of not recieving a reg. dipolma. He could get a certificate of participation or a Special Education dipolma, but if he has made good grades all through high school then it all comes down to this test and the grades don't mean anything. What do your children have to do in your state? Thanks for any help in advance.
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    Our state does have tests they are required to take but they do not have to pass them. They are used more to evaluate the school district than the individual child. The big city district near us does have that requirement and it stinks because they've ended up with 12 year olds and 15 year olds in 8th grade together -- that is so socially inappropriate and tragically has resulted in some very young teen parents.

    There has to be an IEP-way around this test. That is the point of an IEP. The question is does he have the cognitive ability and the academic skills to pass the test and it is only test anxiety interfering? or does he not have the ability to pass?
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    Last I heard, CA was still requiring the exit exam for anyone wanting a high school diploma. If you can't pass the exit exam, you can get a certificate of completion. Fortunately, Miss KT passed the exit exam, though she isn't a test taker, either. Making pretty patterns with the little bubbles becomes a good idea somewhere in the middle of the test.:entertaining:
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    JJJ to answer your question Is there a way around the test since he has an IEP? No, he has to pass all 5 if he can take them 4 times and if he still has not passed them then he gets a certificate of completion or a Special Education dipolma. I went today for an IEP meeting. They have been re-evaluating him. School sees him as me personality with great coping skills---the psycomotrist that tested him gave us a different picture and in fact his IQ was lower than anyone expected. I really don't see a way he will pass all 5 test. If he can just pass three we can get a waiver to get a reg. ed dipolma. We are crossing our fingers. He does well in school becasue I sit with him each night and go over everything if the teachers keep me informed. He gets double teaching so he is doing well in class. But to take a test over several years in info he will not do well. GA has set this up that all kids fit in one mold.
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    I know you have to be so proud of KT. That is a great accomplishment for a difficult child. Can she give my difficult child some pointers? LOL