Do I have "idiot" written on my forehead?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterby, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. flutterby

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    First, difficult child 2 thinks he can pull the wool over my eyes. Then this...

    I finally called the landlord about the stupid yellow jackets coming in through my floor vents. Originally, it was just the living room vent that is along the exterior wall, but now we are also hearing them in the kitchen vent that is along the garage wall. The exterminator called yesterday and scheduled to come out Friday morning at 11:30.

    This morning, my doorbell rings. Jewels barking like mad. I don't answer the door if the doorbell rings because everyone we know walks in. The doorbell rings again. I was sleeping.

    I stumble out of bed, in my nightgown, grab my glasses and go out to see who is here. It is the exterminator. I have balance issues and word finding issues which are markedly worse when I first awaken, accompanied by a case of crankiness. Especially when I'm standing at the door in my nightgown talking to a strange man.

    Anyway, he had a cancellation and thought he would stop out, and, "Oh, did I wake you up?" No, I always answer the door in my nightgown. He kept insisting they were bumble bees even though he hadn't seen them and I told him, repeatedly, that they are yellow jackets and I have the carcasses of a few that he can inspect. Then when he found out that besides the vent along the exterior wall, they're also coming in through a vent along an interior wall, he asks me how that could happen. Like I'm the exterminator, right? Then he asks, "Are you sure it's not mice?"


    "Mice don't buzz and then fly around the kitchen."

    Seriously? Could someone really mistake bees (I guess yellow jackets are wasps, but they look and sound like bees) for mice?

    He wanted to come in and "take a listen", but they aren't going all the time, I was in my nightgown, half awake and told him so.

    He's coming back in the morning.

    "Are you sure it's not mice." He's lucky he wasn't in smacking distance. I'm very cranky when I first wake up - especially unexpectedly.
  2. trinityroyal

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    Heather, I think the exterminator is the one with "idiot" written on his forehead. In black and yellow alternating letters.
    Honestly! If he can't tell the difference between wasps and mice, he needs to choose a different line of work.
  3. Mattsmom277

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    Don't you just love this kind of stuff? I had my big screen t.v. catch FIRE. I knew JUST where it was, what happened, etc. The guy I paid a mini fortune to come do a house visit to fix it, kept asking me stupid questions. DOH! He had the back off, when he plugged it in the sparks flew out and flame shot out the HOLE that was in the spot I TOLD him the FIRE was, in THAT Part. YES! Exactly! THe part with the HOLE BURNED through it, with the black SOOT all around it. Please replace THAT part please?!?!?! Then he wanted an extra boatload of money (let me wait for the next heroin shipment to turn over on the street so I can pay you buddy!) to test all kinds of other components that might be the cause of the problem. Ummm, the PROBLEM is that the part you are looking at with the FIRE HOLE in it, needs replacing. GRR! So I let him have it, he replaced that part, and voila! A good 3 years I got out of that t.v. afterwards before it went to wherever t.v.'s go when they die.

    I say catch some of those yellow jackets and let em loose when he arrives tomorrow. Or go to a pet store and pick up a mouse and stick him in the guys pocket of his jacket on his way out, or even better, in a tool box or something of his right before he leaves.
  4. flutterby

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    I'm afraid what he's going to do is only treat the front, driving them further in and then into my house. More of a swarm, rather than a couple at a time. At which point, he will be invited inside to take care of the problem all by himself while my landlord pays for a hotel.