Do I have this right?

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    A boy was driven out of his HS by being bullied so much over being molested by that coach and this started because the parents went to the sd and told them? And what idiot in the sd decided to tell all the other kids?
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    If that's correct it's wrong in so many ways. Maybe the kids found out from the news and figured it out?
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    I hadn't heard that. Can you post a link or something so I can read/hear the story? That sounds so VERY wrong.
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    So sad. There was an article a few months ago about another trial in which a coach was accused of molesting 5 boys that were currently students at the school. There was so much speculation about who the 5 boys were that the school actually shut down during the trial because people were waiting to see which 5 boys were absent to testify.

    Sadly, so many people just look for reasons to be mean to another person.
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    Sometimes I think our society has gone backwards instead of forwards over the past 20-30 years. Why on earth did activists for change from the 70's become unacceptable?
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    This makes me so angry. there is NO excuse for the school allowing this. They KNEW it happened, esp as Sandusky and his victim were caught in a compromising position - but NO ONE reported it to the authorities. WHY did they allow this? This reminds me in SOOOOO many ways of the Catholic priests who abused kids . I lived in one of the areas where the abuse made major headlines, and I am incredibly biased because it. there is NO EXCUSE for the way the schools let it happen, and for the way they allowed other kids to treat this victim this way.

    there is a special place in Hades for those people, incl those who thought it was okay to let the kids bully the victim.

    I sincerely hope that the victims can receive the help they need, and that they sue the school district, the kids who bully them, each individual teacher/staff member who allowed the bullying to happen, each indiv teacher/staff member that did not report the abuse but knew it happened, and EVERY other person involved in the bullying and the cover up and the abuse. I hope that ALL of those people lose EVERYTHING. Yes, it will hurt their families, but they should have thought about that before they allowed the victimization to go unreported.

    This isn't just wrong. It is EVIL.
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    I strongly support the rights we are guaranteed as Americans but I'm betting some over zealous media representative was seeking a "big story" and ended up triggering additional abuse. So far I have never seen accountability for uncaring media snoops. It's a tragedy on top of a tragedy. DDD
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    That poor boy is being victimized all over again. :crying: It breaks my heart for him and his family.
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    And to think, this happened half way thru his senior year in HS.

    I'm trying hard not to blow up over this case but I cannot fathom this man is out with unsecured bail and no sanctions or whatever- no ankle bracelet, etc. If it was any other person, even without the high number of victim allegations, witnesses, etc, they would have a lot more requirements, if they were let out to await trial even, especially when he lives adjacent to the playground of an elementary school- and they let him go home. in my humble opinion, these people in 'the system", even as volunteers to help youth, should have more accountability with the court, not less. And if all the judges in the county just recused themselves due to possible connections or too much information about him, I wonder how many other people, outside of the college itself, knew something, saw something, heard about something, and turned a blind eye. I told people in court in my last jurisdiction that the system was incestuous- meaning just this kind of koi. They don't hold each other accountable.
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    I heard about this on the radio. The reporter directly asked, HOW, did these kids find out about this boys abuse, and no one seemed to know. Apparently they live in a really small town, and after awhile "word" just got around? Now he has been forced out of heart just breaks.
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    I think it came out that the coach had been picking the boy up from school and taking him places, then when the parents found out about the abuse, they went to the sd as well as police. Fine- if the admin people in the sd can keep their mouth shuts and not tell all other people in the school, but apparently, that's how the kids at school found out. That's what one reporter said anyway. I can see that happening- I always had a feeling that if certain teachers knew certain info about difficult child, the whole school, kids and all, would end up knowing.

    DDD, I'm not sure I got the true point you were trying to make but I do agree that replaying certain details about sexual abuse and predators over and over on tv is really NOT a good idea. There's no need to feed a seed or an unbudding predator, if that makes sense to anyone but me.
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    K - I KNOW this happened with Matt. And we lived in Dallas. The Special Education teacher talked to Joe's mom at the super market, who then talked to Kate's mom at the hairdresser, and on and on it went. (Hypothetically speaking). I would walk into school and get "the glare". Being stigmatized is the worst. Funny thing is that Special Education teacher's kid was the one who turned Matt onto weed. Huh??? You know? Yet, I never told anyone.
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    Oh, I've sat in the principal's office meeting with her when a kid and few others walked by and if I raised my eyebrows in a way as to question what was going on, she'd say "oh, we're having an ABC issue today." I'm not the type who would have spread gossip or rumors even if I'd known the kid's name or parents, but it doesn't take much to reaveal a person's identity and what their 'issue' is.

    And my mother's best friend had been a middle school GC, then an administrator on the HS level. They'd have drinks together and with me or any one else who happened to drop by, talk about students and families and their issues, and yes, using names. Really, most people in any system do this.
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    Undoubtedly this came out because it is a high profile case and if they lived in a small town it wouldnt be hard to figure out who each victim was. No one may have known the exact victim number but I am sure there were enough victims described closely enough with similar acts for anyone to say...oh that man acted that way to Joe Blow back in middle school and early HS, remember? I bet it was him. Then if the kid acted funny, the other kids jumped on it.

    This case has made such huge national headlines that I am surprised we arent seeing huge numbers of his former students coming forward to complain. I find it disgusting that a man who has been put in a position of such trust with out kids to have done this. Teams are so important and this man has simply ruined something that is so good for HS's, players and the fans. I am so upset about it.
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    That is just so wrong in so many ways. I feel for that child and his family.
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    Sorry if my post was vague. What I meant was that I assume reporters all over the story trying to get a new angle for a tabloic or a television segment. So many lack integrity that I'm assuming "they" likely kept asking questions and taking pictures to the point that the teen could not remain anonymous.

    on the other hand, I know that the school systems are a micro version of any other work place and it could very easily have been a "slip of the lip" that triggered this tragedy. My heart goes out to the Mom, too. DDD
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    (((Hugs))) Just praying for the victims today.

    I wonder if Penn State is going to see a huge drop in donations and applications. I cannot imagine anyone wanting to go there.