Do Over?

Discussion in 'Healthful Living / Natural Treatments' started by ML, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. ML

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    It's been a year omgosh.

    I was wondering if we could try this again. Many of you have achieved great success in 08 and through I had some peaks and valleys, find myself still in need of some positive changes and would like to know if anyone else out there is up for another go at it?

    I'm once again at my all time high in weight (same as last year) and want to feel better. I think the middle aged reality is that I may be stuck with a higher weight but as long as I'm eating healthy and exercising the rest will follow and I'll accept whatever that weight is if I just have enough energy to do my life without crashing into the abyss.

  2. Im a Believer

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    ML ~ I am very much ready to tackle 2009 ~

    I am not at my all time high in regards to weight ~ but,after losing 75 pounds several years ago - I am creeping slowly back up the scale.

    That is definitley a personal goal for the new year ~

    Get back to the gym and make better food choices ~

    Depression has a way of putting on the pounds ~ Now that I am on medication ( as of a month ago ) and I am able to handle my emotions better - My goal is to stop going around the mountain about things I cannot change and do something about what I can.

    Looking back over 2008 - although I was depressed most of the year - I have had to deal with things a few years ago I would not have been able to deal with ~

    It has been a year of sorrow but a year of growth ~

    I wish everyone here a Happy New Year ~ Judy
  3. JJJ

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    I was just thinking along the same lines. I am 6 pounds lighter than last year but that is only a small fraction of the 100 pounds I set out to lose. I am in a better place this January so I hope I can get better results.

    I'm a Believer - Most of my weight is from depression eating as well. It is hard to change such a comforting habit. I just read an article that said to eat only whole grains, vegetables, plant-based protein and a small amount of fruit. Then your 6pm meal can be anything you want including animal products in sensible portions. The logic being that if you know you can have whatever you want at least once per day, you will avoid triggering a binge because you don't "need" to cheat.

    Best of luck to everyone in 2009...
  4. SearchingForRainbows

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    I think a "Do Over" is a great idea!!! 2008 was a bad year for me health wise. I still don't have a confirmed diagnosis yet - I see a rheumatologist in January. For now, all I know is that I definitely have some type of arthritis.

    I spent most of 2008 feeling frustrated, angry, and sad. I was always a very active person and not being able to exercise the way I wanted to had a huge negative impact on me, a much bigger negative impact than I expressed here.

    While I still continued to eat healthy meals, I definitely ate way too much "junk" food. I just continued the same old cycle of emotional eating. I couldn't control my health and I was ANGRY!!!

    Intellectually I knew I knew I needed to stop eating all the "junk."
    Emotionally, I just didn't care. Luckily, I've gained only five pounds. The weight gain is a wake-up call for me. I know I need to stop eating emotionally. I'm all for a "Do Over!!!"

    ML, thanks so much for posting this. Honestly, I've been too embarrassed to post here lately. I just didn't have anything very positive to say. I refuse to stay stuck in this rut of self-pity (very embarrassing to admit) and emotional eating.

    I KNOW we can get healthier together!!! Let's make 2009 a great year!!! WFEN
  5. Genny

    Genny Worlds Best Nana

    I'm ready to get back on the wagon! I lost 20 lbs in 2008, and I'd like to lose another 15 in 2009. I was doing really good until a couple weeks before Thanksgiving. I was sick for a few weeks and couldn't go to the gym. I still tried to watch what I ate and managed to make it through the holidays only gaining 1.5 lbs!

    Now it's back to the drawing board. I went to the gym yesterday for the first time in over a month. I want to get back into the habit of going 2-3 times a week, plus tracking my food consumption on Sparkpeople. I'm going to meet my cousins in VA Beach in May for our semi-annual "girls weekens away" and my goal is to be able to wear a bathing suit without feeling self conscious!

  6. ML

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    You ladies rock! I feel a renewed sense of optimism. I started this week trying to make changes. I started walking again (my legs hurt) and making sensible eating choices. But at night time I seem to cave and eat the sweets. I'm thinking I might try something like chromium picolinate for a short time to see if it helps with the cravings. I know that once I get the sugar out of my system I'll be fine, it's just a detox process.

    I'm grateful to have this group.


  7. SearchingForRainbows

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    I'm like you - I do well during the day and "cave" at night. Last year someone suggested to me that immediately after dinner I should try brushing and flossing my teeth. When I did this, it worked! Another good suggestion I got was to stay out of the kitchen once dinner is over.

    Now, I just need to be motivated enough to do these things! Unfortunately, last night I found myself mindlessly eating left-over Christmas candy - Chocolate - My downfall...

    As I was typing this, another great suggestion came to mind. Throw out "junk" food that you know you'll eat if you know it's in your house. This definitely works!!! If that left-over chocolate candy wasn't in my kitchen, my brain wouldn't have been thinking "chocolate" and I would have had a successful evening.

    What is chromium picolinate?

    I'm going to try a "do over" this evening. I'll let you know how it goes. WE CAN DO THIS!!! WFEN
  8. LittleDudesMom

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    Hey All!

    Glad so many folks had success in 2008, others (like myself) are getting back on the horse in 2009, and still others will newly join us here on Healthy Living.

    WFEN, chromium picolinate is basically a diet pill. I believe it was really popular over in Europe first and touted to help everything from raising your metabolism, curbing your appetite, improving your mood, building lean muscle, curing acne........ as with an herbal supplement, it's not tested by the FDA.

    I'm going to continue my health goals this year and am seriously thinking about quitting smoking cold turkey. I'm still on the fence about it. Do I quit cold turkey or reduce with the intention of quitting alltogether?

    I didn't loose as much weight as I had hoped this year, but I've definately made progress. I've also become a common site at the gym! I've made a lot of healthier eating changes for me and the kids.

    Our cruise is in April, so I'm looking for 30 pounds off by then which would bring me to a total of 90. We'll see - I definately did some splurging over the holidays but I don't actually feel guilty about it. Won't step back on the scale until next Monday!

    We'll start our "countdown" on New Year's Day and then begin the weekly updates next week. Those weekly updates really helped us at the beginning last year - it kinda made us accountable to someone other than ourselves!!!

    Countdown has begun to 2009............

  9. ML

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    Thanks for the ideas WFEN. I just threw out some left over holiday goodies and brushed my teeth. When I go shopping this weekend I will buy some WW treats for those evenings when I really want something sweet. Skinny Cows are really good and so are the WW fudge pops.

    Sharon I'm so excited for your cruise! We can help each other reach our goals. I am so ready for this. Thank you for all your work on this forum.
  10. smallworld

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    ML, I'm in, too. I'd like to work up to going to the gym 5 days a week and make healthier eating choices. I made some changes in 2008, but certainly not enough. Thanks for suggesting the do-over.
  11. SearchingForRainbows

    SearchingForRainbows Active Member

    Yes!!! I did it!!! I actually stayed out of the kitchen after dinner last night. This is the first night in a looooooooong time I didn't go back in for "junk."

    Sharon, The cruise sounds wonderful!!! I'm so excited and happy for you!!! Which cruise line are you taking? Where are you going? What a great incentive for losing some more weight!!! I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS!!! You did great in 2008:D.
    And, thanks for the info on the diet pills. I'm just going to keep on plugging away by eating healthy, trying to keep out of the kitchen after supper, and exercising when my body lets me. And by coming here for support.

    ML, I'm with you - I love the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches and the WW fudge pops too. You're welcome for the tips - Now, I just need to continue to follow my own advice, lol!!! YOU WILL REACH YOUR GOALS!!!

    I hope everyone has a "healthy" day, or as healthy as possible since it is New Year's Eve:happy_new_year: WFEN
  12. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    I am happy to continue to post in this forum.
    I get motivation and suggestions.

    I am forever looking to lose the last 5 lbs but I came a long way. Eating in a way that will help my body function better is always the goal. Using my body in a way that will make it stronger, healthier and more compact is always a goal too.

    I eat when I'm happy and when I'm in need of comfort. I love the taste of food. My stumbling block is portion control. A taste is difficult because it leads to overindulging. I'm always struggling with balance between not being deprived and not overindulging.

    ML, I think staying out of the kitchen is a good thing for me too. Ice water seems to dull my cravings or hot tea.
  13. ML

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    WFEN You did great! I went an entire day yesterdy without sweets!! This is a huge deal for me.

    LDM My opinion is that it's hard to tackle smoking and weight at once, though not impossible because you have all that positive momentum. Perhaps you could have your goal for smoking to occur right after the cruise? Whatever you decide, I KNOW you can do it.

    Fran I'm so proud of you for achieving 08 goals and appreciate that you will share support with us in 09. Despite needing to lose 15-20 pounds my primary goal is strength and health too.

    SW 5 times a week is a great goal. Finding time in my schedule is my challenge so I am going to buy some long underwear and do walking in the mornings because if I don't get it in first thing too many things can happen in a day, too many fires that can distract me from my goal. It's symbolic too, I take care of me FIRST thing every day.

    Genny you are halfway there already! You're starting in a great place.

    JJJ and Believer: You can and will do it. I have confidence in you; in all of us.

    Ready for 2009! If we are healthy, we will have the resoruces to live our lives fully.


  14. amazeofgrace

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    count me in, 2008 was alot of wishful thinking, 2009 will be sheer affirmative action!

    My job paid $300 towards a gym membership to encourage good health. So I joined one on the way home from work. I am shooting for 3+ days a week. I have an active (gassy) puppy who loves to be walked.

    I am thinking southbeach diet, being I am addicted to carbs and all.

    here's to a fresh start...........................
  15. trinityroyal

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    Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

    I'm all for a fresh start, and look forward to continuing to post in the HL forum. Your support was invaluable last year...kept me from totally falling apart.

    Here's to a successful and healthy 2009 for us all!

  16. DazedandConfused

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    I'm so glad I wandered over here and read this board.

    I've been pretty much steady the past two years.

    At work, we did the school's "biggest loser" competition. Follow whatever healthful plan you desire and the school nurse weighs everyone one a week. Unfortunately for me, age is catching up to me. M knee gave out (I was in a head-on car accident eight years ago and hurt my knee) and I couldn't walk or exercise AT ALL for most of the 10 week competition. I didn't really "diet", I just tried to watch it. Anyway, I still lost 7.5 pounds. I didn't win, but I felt pretty good about what I did lose.

    I weighed myself today on the school's scale and was very happy to see I only gained one pound over the holidays. I indulged, but didn't go nuts.

    My issue is always the night time eating to relieve my anxiety and to calm myself. I have a real bad tendency to binge eat at night-the worse time of day to do such a thing. Plus, I love sweets and candy! Portion control is another big issue. Over the holidays we went to my Mom's for dinner every night. She made a BIG DEAL over everyone cleaning their plates.

    I have exercised on and off over the last twenty years. I know there's no way I'm going to be able to just go all out like in my younger days. I have so many aches and pains now! I take aleve, or advil, before I go to bed so I don't wake up so stiff. I take the dogs out for walks and hikes three to four times a week which gets me out of the house.

    Last year we bought a hot tub. How husband and I love that thing! Son even uses it to calm himself at night and this morning he got in to wake himself up. Daughter doesn't use it much, always on the phone or computer.

    Anyway, my body is really sending me strong signals to take better care of myself. There's no way I will be able to have a decent quality of life getting older and carrying this weight around. If I ache this much now, it's not going to get better as I age
  17. ML

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    Dazed, I'm glad you wandered over too! That's great that you only gained one pound over the holidays. Hugs, ML