Do you know a good hit man??? GFGmom is taking me over the edge...again!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, May 9, 2011.

  1. DDD

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    I am not a sweet patient person lately...I'm on day ten as a non smoker. GFGmom is literally TOO much for me to cope with.

    Chances are excellent that I have located an apartment complex that will accept difficult child and provide him with support services. I talked to him about my search and made sure to explain "IF I can arrange this for and I alone will be making choices about how your money is spent and working to get your disability reinstated. I will teach you how to meet your expenses, build a saving account and take the best steps toward getting an independent future." He eagerly agreed.

    OMG! His bio Mom has now figured out that he "may" get retroactive disability AND she has finally understood that HIS money is not going to be in her grasp. I am SO
    angry. She has interjected herself into the process with him. Guess a few months shy of my 71st birthday I have to go to war against a selfish, self centered 48 year
    old who has the audacity to say that difficult child owes her $400 a month for living in her house. I need a hit man!!! DDD
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    Urgghhh!!! The frustration!
  3. tiredmommy

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    ****Legal Disclaimer**** in no way supports or endorses the hiring of hit men to take care of family interpersonal problems.

    That being said: take her out!

    Also, don't you have the argument that SHE OWES YOU $400 a month for every month you raised her sons with no monetary support or compensation from her? She makes me want to test the automatic censor. :madone:
  4. Jena

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    wow, like you need this?? i'm sorry......

    just sending hugs and dont' touch them cigarettes!! :)
  5. seriously

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    I am sorry to hear she is being so... predictable?

    I know you will not let her drive you back to cigarettes. She does not deserve to have that much power I think. Of course that's easier said than done but we are all rooting for you.

    Did you ever contact social security and make a fraud complaint against her?? If not, perhaps now is the time.
  6. Hound dog

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    This is my fear with katie down the road when Alex is grown...........................ugh

    Only I won't need a hit man, I've never missed a target yet.

    I bow to your awesome willpower for managing to not reach for a cigarette.........

    OMG does she never stop? I ditto the tell her she owes you for all that time difficult child spent with you! Tell her you can sue her for it.......heck, she'll probably believe you. lol omg

    (((hugs))) Hopefully she'll step out of the picture.
  7. tiredmommy

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    Make that complaint to SS for fraud AND figure out how much she got in disability while YOU had the kids. AND if she claimed them as dependents turn her in to the IRS. Trust me, the IRS is teh NASTIEST MEANEST FIGHTINGEST group to have against you. The kids lived with you and I am SURE that gfgmom claimed them, heck she may still be claiming one or more of them. The IRS has TEETH and even the THREAT of them may scare her off. But make that report anyway.

    She has had long enough to mess him up. Do NOT let her undo all your hard work. Keep telling difficult child that she has messed him over time and again and teh ONLY way he will have anything like a good life is to keep her far away from his money.You also need to do what you must to protect him. in my opinion get a restraining order or else get conservatorship of his finances (or guardianship, diff states call it diff things). If he keeps letting her take all his money and leave him with nothing, and cannot remember or protect himself, then you CAN get either of those or him declared incompetent to handle his affairs and take them over so she cannot touch them. This has been going on as long as I have known you. She thinks he will get money, takes it all, leaves him broke and hungry and kicks him out to come to you to be rescued. Time and again you have tried to deal with her with-o reporting her crimes.

    What she is doing is NOT a "family matter". It is CRIMINAL. So you need to file the complaints because he simply cannot.

    Go get em!!!!!

    I know where of I speak with the IRS. Had a relative with a fifth husband who was in trouble and even years after they split they kept trying to come after her - the debt was incurred many years before she met him or married him but they got wind that he had a joint savings account and a tiny CD with her and came after them. I also have a bro who didn't pay any taxes for over seven years. That was during the time that my parents thought I was out to ruin his life because his wife was playing head games. If I had REALLY wanted to ruin him I would have called the IRS - and I told them so. You should have seen my family turn pale at THAT thought.

    She could actually go to JAIL for what she has done with his social security and by claiming him on her taxes when he didn't live with her. I also knew a LOT of accountants who went to work for the IRS. They ALL love to go after situations like this where a parent has taken gross advantage of a disabled child and another relative who actually took care of the child.

    I am very sorry that you have to keep fighting her. It is time to do it big and final and get her out of his financial life for the long term. I have faith that you can do it.
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    Proud of you for not picking up a ciggy ... I know you must be so frustrated ... (HUGS):hugs:
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    I'm sorry, but my Brooklyn Irish cousin, who would have made a good hitman, died years ago. He could have come in handy, would do anything for family.
  12. Star*

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    In my best Brando voice - (recovering from bronchitis so it's legit) ----and raking the backs of my finger nails under my chin forward in a slow and methodical motion with a dead pan stare......

    If I told you (long dramatic pause...keep in mind the voice, the voice) I was heading South (twitches shoulders upwards and cracks head left) that I....could make it a twofer......just for the gas money, and some minor expenses (twitches shoulders again) whadday say? You in? Imavailable.

    It would be my utmost pleasure.
  13. Suz

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    Enough is enough


  14. Hound dog

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    :rofl: :rofl:

    They don't call us Warrior Moms for nuthin' :devil:
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    Nothing makes a dent in a front grill quite a human, but I could use a newer vehicle anyway. *shifty eyes*
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    I like TM's idea - she owes YOU $400 per month - per child that those boys lived with you!
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    I could give my mom a call for you......several years ago she took out a hit on my husband (no joke!). I don't particularly enjoy talking to her but hey, what are friends for? LoL Maybe her friend will give us a two-fer, we're headed for court again with Ks BM & I really am tired after 11yrs of this bull & BM seems to be getting worse every day. I always say I never really hated anyone till I met BM and I really don't think I could ever despise anyone else the way I despise her. Honestly, when someone is hurting a 'child' you have raised and care so deeply about I don't think there's anything more infuriating.

    Kudos on quitting smoking, I'm trying & I have no idea how you've managed it with all the drama.....I don't think I can go any further than where I am now (2-3 a day) with the craziness in my house. Some days I think it's just because it gives me an excuse to step outside and tell the kids they have to stay in for 5 minutes.

    You should def go after her for anything you can, not for payback, but to get her out of his life or at least keep her from doing any more damage financially.

    Good Luck & ((HUGS))
  18. DDD

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    The government "discovered" that she had ripped off the disabiilty funds for th years difficult child lived with us. They garnished replayment from her wages. No, lol, we did not get any funds...the gov't got it back from her. Every month he lives at her house he"owes" her $400 room and board. He also, I believe, gives her his food stamps. She wants to be repaid if he gets his disabiity back. She is a piece of work.

    The "hearing" is in a few weeks. I asked to see the paperwork. She doesn't have it. I told her that it was necessary for me to see in writing why they turned him down before and what the experts say. She replied "oh boyfriend and I are going to go and tell them how difficult child pulled a knife and threatened boyfriend". Very scientific!! Good Greif.

    I'm ging to wait until next week when I feel stronger. The main problem is that she
    convinces difficult child that she is his "Mother" "knows best" and is "the one he can count on". Bleah DDD
  19. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I think for Christmas you should get her boyfriend a neck tie - From Columbia.