Do you miss anything that technology took away?

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We really are behind the times, SOT. Both dear husband and I.

I can definitely see the many advantages a Smart Phone holds, and all the different uses it affords the owner.

Our next television will be a Smart TV.

Tired out

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I like my smart phone. No landline since December. I am so glad it is gone. All we ever got was sales calls during dinner. Anyone I want to talk to has my cell number. I always made hubby answer the landline because he was the one that anted to keep it.
We still get the daily newspaper (waste, hubby likes it).
I have fb but hardly ever look at it.. mainly just to keep up with my cousins that live in other states.
I miss film cameras and developing pictures the old fashioned way. BUT I love my digital SLR.
I love my I-pod BUT I still have my stereo and my vinyl records. Seriously..get rid of Elvis albums? Nooooooo way!
I love technology. But with so much electronics...
I miss puzzles, board games, paper books.


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If I get a cute picture I want to hang up, I go to Walmart and get a copy right away. Then I buy a frame and there it is! I get much cuter in-the-moment pictures of my grand. And people dont have to pose.

On the silly side, when I worked at Applebees, cant count how many people stopped me to ask me (and the servers too) to take group pictures on their phones!

I really like my smart phone. Havent had a landline in years. A landline can be found by anyone if you just google a name. There are some people Id rather not hear from. Bad enough your address is never a secret anymore.
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I cant figure out how technology can take away an adult child. It didnt do that to my four. But I am not criticizing what you said. If you are up to it, and I get it if you arent, ciuld you please explain what you mean? Every millenial is into technology from school to entertainment.

I suspect when TV first came out our great great grandparents lamented that TV would destroy the younger generation.

But I feel your true pain. I was there once with a darling boy we adopted at six and I truly lost him but it was not technology related. In fact, this was before technology.


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Similar to swot
1. Classifieds
2. Easy job applications
3. People picking up the phone and talking vs texting
4. Robocalls (actually technology brought this one)
5. More book stores (and with seating too)
6. More libraries
7. Stereos and CD players


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I miss being able to leave the house without a phone sometimes. I know i could leave it behind and occasionaly do. But the expectation that you should always be reachable.

I miss kids finding creative ways to entertain themselves and using their imaginations more.

I hate that it has added so many violent video games to our kids lives or innappropriate videos. It used to be sneak dads playboy and dad made it hard. Now it is way too easy to find any appropriate thing you want whether you should or are old enough.

I also hate u tube idiocy.