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    Well, after the doctor appointment for cherub, the receptionist said, do you still want to see Hugh (my doctor, and son's doctor) I was so tired already. Oh, what did I want to see him for ?? Hmm, oh, well, I'll go in and say hello, it might come to me.
    Aah! that's right, son's problem. So I had to switch modes! Cherub went out to the car with the German students. ..... I could have slept on the doctor's desk, I was already so weary.
    Hmm, right, now doctor, I want to talk about getting the metnal health plan for my son as he needs reviewing and has been objecting to the mental health help for the past ten months. However, I know he wants to reduce or eliminate medication.
    So, we talked about some options. Reducing medication? taking him off it? referring to a psychologist for a review that might lead to one of the options.
    With taking him of the medications, that's a risk as that is givign him the green light for drugs and drink which he already has a problem with. So, reducing the medications with the view to in the future ceasing if he looks like he might be stable and senisble might be a carrot for son to see the psychologist for at least 12 visits. See, he has this problem with drinking too much too soon and also he only wants to be off the medications because we're trying to educate him with, no drugs and little drink. We've tried to explain that the marijuana is exacerbating his psychotic episodes (he hasn't had any for ten months) and is what is frying his brain, sotospeak. And the combination fo drink/drugs is not good while on the medications.... etc. etc. So he thinks, no medications, more fun on drink and drugs. It's a maturity thing.

    The doctor is realy helpful. I suggested later on, using a placebo to see how he is, so that he doesn't think/know he's not on the medications and he won't immediately go out and use the other stuff. He thought that was an interesting idea.

    So, next week is his appointmnet, by which time the doctor will have done some research and phoned a leading psychologist for advice on what best to do.

    Of course, he won't let on we've had this discussion..... As his carer, I could make the decisions for him, but we're going to lead him to believe that he's making the decisionfor himself.
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    That sounds like it went really well. It's good for te doctor to understand how DS ticks so he can work with you to get him to cooperate. I hope DS will go along with the mental health care plan.

    Funny - I was talking to my GP this afternoon about difficult child 3's mental health plan and where it is at. difficult child 3 sees the psychologist on Friday, I need to find out if we need to renew the plan with the GP so we can continue to bulk-bill for the sessions.

    Fingers crossed that DS cooperates.