doctor appointment tomorrow


Roll With It
My doctor is perennially booked out 2-3 weeks. This is my primary care doctor, NOT the specialist. I guess I finally found out how to get in quickly.

I called yesterday and made appointment for 2 weeks out. Then called this am to seeif they could work me in. Left message for the nurse.

Now, I have done all of htese things, in this order, many times. NEVER gotten worked in faster.

I found the ticket. Numbness in fingers (middle, ring, and pinky), shooting pain down arms. (by the way, this explains some of my typos lately. My hands are really bad in a totally new way.

Golly, gee, aren't I the lucky one!!

The nurse called me back WITHIN THE HOUR and asked me to come in first thing in the am.

I think I blew another disc. Again.

Think good thoughts for me, please. I don't want more spinal surgery. Once was enough.



No real answers to life..
This sounds bad.......and not the way to get in to see doctor sooner......hope your visit goes well and your first surgery was your last!



Crossing my fingers, legs and toes that it's not what you're afraid it is. *insert pretzel smiley here*