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    difficult child is now starting Zoloft. I put my foot down. Told difficult child in front of the doctor, husband and BM that if she gets physical with anyone or any of the kitties at our house, I'm either calling the police or I will take her to the ER. BM piped up and said if she does that at her house, she will have difficult child removed and sent away. Not sure what she means by that, but at least we're FINALLY on the same page. When doctor realized that we were serious about this, She asked difficult child what she thought about it. difficult child said nothing, just hung her head. doctor did ask difficult child if she wants her to be put on a medication that sedates her. She said no. So, hopefully, (please rattle some beads, say prayers) this works and we can get back to "normal"

    On a bad note, we got difficult child's spelling grade... a big fat F. Why? Because she refuses to bring home her list to study and do the homework. BM isn't helping with this part, however. She reaction to the grade? Whatever.
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    Well - Yay for the good news and sorry about the bad news...

    I think let school issues be school issues, though - if she doesn't study? Then the consequence is an F. (Although I might also tie some priviledges to good grades just for good measure..)
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    Hope difficult child gets with the program and it works. As for spelling - natural consequences.