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    sooo spent day at doctor's. the hospital weighed her in, she gained a pound since last week. so we are up to 103 now. not bad we started at 95 i think upon discharge from hospital.

    him and i spoke privately for a bit about her. he feels that i'm going to wind up in oregon. i said why? he said she isnt' progressing, it's been nothing but downward nothing really high no real climatic improvement. i said weight is an improvement. he said towards food. she just isn't ready yet. i said ready? again he's more of an aneroxia bullimia guy gets the food phobia a bit yet not much.

    i use them more for bite for me the fear of hospitalization and weigh in and medical clearance etc.

    he said you mine as well stay home for holidays and make a plan to head out there after the new year. meanwhile if all the providers you have make it work than great yet i dont' see it happening.

    met with-refeeding therapist today. she's super nice but she does nothing to be honest. no thoughts about the throat no talks about any of that. just sits with-difficult child for 45 minutes and make her eat small solid foods. tells her to flip it around in her mouth, than take sip of juice they seem to have a pretty good repoir yet that's all that is happening. and it's all surrounding candy and junk food which is upsetting me.

    so today she ate 4 m&ms', 1 goldfish, and ate chocolate inbetween as a "helper". i'm sorry that just strikes me as b.s. to be honest. she's been eating chocolate sincce beginning it melts in mouth that's why. she's like oh let's try icing next time? icing? are you freaking kidding me? this kid has so much sugar in her system between the b.s. shakes i cut out and making my own with whey protein now and the candy it's insane. zero nutrients 100% sugar.

    so the woman's like oh she did great. oh really? great? let's bring in a piece of chicken next week and work with that a pancake, and she has no ability to make anything hot there. i bring the food in. how am i giong to make food to deliver to this woman keep it warm in the back of the office tha'Tourette's Syndrome even chilly.

    I don't know round and freaking round we go. sounds stupid to me. how do you conquer a food phobia with candy? seems like she's a really nice lady who works with kids with speech issues and some kids that have issues with certain foods. sh'es never worked with a kid with no food no solids.

    not canning her yet nothing else going on with anyone else to find that's better.

    thoughts? difficult child is sitting there like yea i ate an m&m. yea ok how hard is that are you kidding me? eat a potatoe a carrot a piece of bread an egg than we're getting somewhere

    oh and did i mention she went totally manic off puppy thing. cried on way home from hospital hit homea nd flew.......bigtime. all day today pressured speech, non stop talking, saying how she'll be rich soon a superstar, made magazines last nite after researchiing on line, put stickers all over her face at doctor's office today that she took out of my planner. highly irritable. went into my pack of cigarettes and broke them. unreal
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    i'm answering my own thread lol. just read up on the whole thing not under an eating disorder yet the real word can't remember it. it states what the speech pathologist is doing is dead on with her approach. i just need the therapist to come in and them go at it at the same time to make any headway. this article i found states that it should be a quick recovery 3 to 6 visits? we'll c. that would be awesome. wow
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    Give the refeeding lady a chance. Often the first steps seem so tiny that they are stupid. If you don't have the problem you often can't see hwo big the first steps are. Also the first visits often are purposely designed to NOT push a child so that a rapport can be established. The chicken, bread, carrot, etc.. are BIG steps. You didn't expect difficult child to read the dictionary the first day she looked at a book. She started as a baby with books that didn't have words, just pictures. Or with pictures that were just black and white as a baby. from there reading was taught very slowly.

    It seems like eating shouldn't be a big deal and the phobia isn't based on anything real so difficult child should be able to just snap out of it. You already know that isn't going to happen. I totally understand the impatience and frustration, but difficult child still has to start with teensy weensy steps like chocolate and icing and liquids.

    I am NOT saying to give this lady forever, but a few visits to start to get things moving is likely reasonable. Even if all difficult child is getting is sugar. You cannot force this anymore than you can flap your arms and fly.

    The doctor is likely right about Oregon. If it is the only place that really can treat food phobias then it is where she needs to be. As you have said, what they are doing now isn't really accomplishing much. It is good that she is gaining a little bit, but she isn't really getting better even if she is eating. Eating isn't really the primary goal. It is the result. Dealing with the phobia has to be the primary goal. No one you have found to this point really knows how to treat this kind of phobia. Have you looked for a doctor who treats phobias primarily to see if they have any insight or advice or methods that might work better than what is happening now? Or even just enhance what is happening now/

    Either way, I am awed that you are able to keep on coping with-o ending up in a hospital yourself. You are doing an awesome job and difficult child is blessed to have you for her mother.
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    i'm going to give her a shot. small said that the medication zyprexa is KEY in this. she'll start that on friday night, pharmacy messed up. so i'm going to do just like that oregon place does, get medication in a good place and than begin refeeding therapy.

    problem is now she wont' even drink a shake. this kid changes with-the wind. and yea i cry alot and drive everyone here nuts so that's my coping mechanism and my sweet dogs that i absolutely adore. hey how is everything going over there with you guys? you bk home yet? no right?