Doctor's appointment is over, thank goodness.

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    I had my doctor's appointment yesterday to find out the reason for my chest pains and pressure I have been having. The doctor is new and was just assigned to me a few months ago. Yesteday was the first time I've seen her and so far I like her. Thank goodness, because I hated the other one. Anyway, they did an EKG which came back normal, and did a chest X ray. I told the doctor about my anxiety disorder. She is concerned about the chest pain because it doesn't seem to be anxiety related. I get the pain when I am very relaxed and not stressing, plus the pains shooting down my arm makes her a little worried. The pain may very well be anxiety related, but it could also be something wrong with my heart.

    She is sending me to a cardiologist to run more tests. I have to wait for the referral to go through then make the appoinment. She also ran bloodwork checking all my internal organs plus checking for diabetes, something I am concerned about having since I gained all this weight. I find out the results of the lab work today. I am happy to say I didn't gain back as much weight over the holidays as I thought I did. I lost 17 pounds over the summer, and I was sure I gained it all back plus some. I did gain most of it back, 14 pounds to be exact, but at least I didn't gain as much as I thought I did. I am still a little nervous about the tests and results of the bloodwork, but I am glad the initial appointment is over and I made myself go. I consider it a small victory, seeing how I am scared of doctors and use every excuse in the book not to go. Yay me!
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    I am happy that you went and that you like her.
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    She was supposed to call me back with my lab results yesterday, but she never did. Now I'm worried. I guess I will have to give her a call.
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    I always assume no news is good news when waiting for lab results...

    When doctor called at 7:45 in morning after blood draw day before it wasn't with good news

    When mammogram place was scheduling 5 weeks out, called doctor, got call back from place that they would see me at 6:45 tomorrow morning scared me half to death

    Congrats for getting into the doctor, I understand how hard it can be to force yourself to go. I blew off going 5 years myself, something in one of Cedar's posts here finally clicked and I found a new doctor and went in last month. Everything checked out (I'm OK) but with mutant cancer gene in family tree I was really taking a risk by not going.

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    I just talked to the nurse and they havent' gotten all the results back yet. I also need that referral to the cardiologist, which she never gave me when I was there. The nurse is leaving the doctor a message to give me a call today. I just hate waiting. Oh, and my next appointment will be for my female annual exam, which I chose to skip for three years. Three of my friends, who are all my age, have just been diagnosed with breast cancer. That's scaring me enough to finally make myself get my first mammogram.