Does any state mail IEPs before the meeting?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Holtbarrington, Jan 23, 2009.

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    I live in IL and we do not see the IEP until the actual meeting. I know that you do not have to sign it, but I want to have our state write a bill requiring that school districts in IL. mail the IEPs out to parents ten days prior to the meeting. The reasons are obvious, and it really should not cost anyone a dime.
    I am searching for a district or state that has this written in a legal format to copy. Does anyone live in such a state? Thanks.
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    Hi and welcome -

    Not surprised to hear you live in IL and are wondering if IEPs can be sent out before meetings. The reason I'm not surprised is because it's also been my experience in this grand state that I will arrive at a mtg where the IEP is already written, in spite of the fact that this is a blatant violation of state and federal law. The whole point of an IEP meeting is so that the IEP team, of which you are an equal member, can *write* the IEP.

    So - next time they present you with a pre-written IEP, I'd pull out the state and federal statutes that define what an IEP is, who writes it, and when - then make them start from scratch.


    Welcome - and glad you found us!
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    My experience in CT is that I get a notice of an upcoming IEP meeting. At the meeting we include or remove items and then after the meeting is complete I get a copy of the new IEP in the mail. I have never had to sign it. I have only had to sign releases for info to be shared or evaluations to be done. I have never been mailed an IEP that has been formulated without myself and husband in attendance.
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    I get an "invite" to the meeting beforehand. yes, they usually have the goals and other items updated, but they're constantly adding to the IEP documents while we're in the meeting.

    I wouldn't want it already done before I get to meet with- the team..... could you possibly explain to me why this would be a better choice (sorry, I'm a bit slow today)
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    I just read the recommendations for IEP on the additude web site and the practise is just a meathod for labeling children and placing wordings that get money for the schools.
    I think we need to get a lawyer and class action the schools system for breach of faith by turning the Special Education/504 into a straw horse.
    Definately take the papers they give you to sign and have these gone over with a fine tooth comb with someone who is not working for the doe. Add your "conserns"
    as the custodial parent/legal guardian "team" member.
    the questions you may want to ask is how does "prompt" or "catch being good" or
    the seating or the maintaining the assignment planner aply to the teacher adressing the learning issue on the table.
    clearly having the assignment written in a planner and palceing a sticker or a star to show you parent did your "team" part is activity.
    What exactly: how many hours per week, with whom, at school is the learner one on one recieveing teaching to reach a clear benchmark?
    How will teacher get the conselor in the mix for behavioral: using the phone, screaming down a hallway what?
    Who is the specialist in charge of this child exactly? what are their qualifications specific to this childs needs? Who will they be turning to for input expanding their knowledge for this child this year? have they done any reasearch specific to this childs identified issues? How many children with this learners issues have they worked befor? What are their objectives for this child now? when will they be contacting you each week about this child?
    Isn't Illinois where the governer is charged with corruption? Just make stinky about this illegal habit pattern. Call your regional doe office and the national and the senator. the new one says he is not corrupt so this generic iep system of billing for federal dollars is not what he wants either. oh.wink wink
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    I used to live in Illinois and the IEP is as much YOUR call as their call, no matter WHAT they write. (For the record, Illinois is no more corrupt in the school districts than any other state). I digress: You can reject or inject anything and you don't have to sign. I never sign any IEP before taking it home for a few weeks and going over it with my Advocate. I also never do an IEP meeting without an advocate. I suggest finding your advocate (they are free) and bringing one with. And never sign an IEP until you have had time to read it at home, privately. You DO NOT have to sign it at the meeting. Hub and I never do. The school tries to pressure parents. It's our job to resist. As far as I know, no states send IEPs out in advance because they can't do an IEP without the parent. But some SD's don't want you to know that you have so much of a say in it. Good luck.
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    I too live in IL and what a sorry state! My son is now 23 years old: he was expelled from regular school, kicked out of alternative school (where we provided the transportation), asked to leave day treatment school! So....we had a 19 y/o high school freshman!!! However, he eventually did get his GED and has 13 college credit hours too.

    IL is just disgusting with regards to education of our children.
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    It depends on the child. In defense of my home state, everyone in my family (except me with learning problems) finished college and my two nieces who live in Crystal Lake are in AP honors classes and are doing well (to put it mildly). They both want to be doctors.

    Our difficult children do not do well in school in any state. I have yet to see a big difference between IL and Wisconsin, where we moved. IL was wonderful as far as getting my son early services. If a child has behavioral problems, even due to a disorder, you will be hard pressed to find any place that is friendly to the child. It is difficult to teach them and most SD's have no idea what to do about them.
    My friend is going to have to send her two difficult children to Day Treatment here in WI. They simply can not function in regular school, and are very disruptive. They spend all their time in the office, and it really isn't their faults. Both are waiting for evaluations.
    Good students who are well behaved get good educations. Our difficult children--not so much. in my opinion that is no matter where you live. Frankly, SDs don't like "problem" kids and it's really sad.