Does anyone bank with National City Bank?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ctmom05, Apr 3, 2010.

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    I got a letter from National City Bank today that had a refund check in it for $200. The accompanying letter states that it is a refund for a Visa Buxx Card.

    Two of our kids had Visa Buxx cards as teens that were funded by me. This was a few years ago and neither of them had a remaining balance after awhile, AND neither card was issued by National City Bank.

    I called the customer service number listed on the letter. The rep was not able to identify me as an acount holder.

    You can probably tell that I am viewing this issue with some suspicion. The check looks legitimate, but it is very unlike me to forget about $200 that I had lying around somewhere.

    I am thinking a bank might be able to tell me if the check is legit. When the National City rep on the phone was unable to help me, I mentioned that I was going to check with Consumer Protection for further clarification.

    Any thoughts on this?
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    husband and I both got some sort of refund and/or settlement check from a credit card once. The card/account it was for was one that we had had years prior. Our bank was able to verify the legitimacy so we cashed them although they weren't as big as the one you received. I would see what you can find out this weekend and then take the check to the bank Monday to have them actually look at it in person.
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    I bank at NCB and our home loan is through them.

    I wouldn't attempt to cash it until you have it verified by them that it is legit. However, most "offers" don't provide you with cash, it's usually the other way around. Still best to check it and be safe. If the letter was from NCB, they ought to be able to explain why you received it.
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    Hound ~

    I am thinking that if I go to any bank in my town they would be able to tell me something about the check and it's authemticity.
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    Chris, be sure to take the letter with you when you take your check. I would go to your bank first because if the check is good you would deposit the check or cash it there and you don't want them thinking that you are involved in anything untoward.

    Talk to the branch manager, not staff. There are so many fraud schemes out there that are so clever as to be almost undetectable. It makes me very suspicious that you called NCB and they couldn't confirm the veracity of the check. Even if it's not fraud, it could be a clever way for you to "sign up" for a new credit card by cashing the it's a line of credit check or something.

    I hope it's for real and you just got a nice surprise!....but I think you are smart to be guarded.

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    Be sure to read the fine print, such as: "by signing and depositing this check you agree to the following conditions........ to pay $19.95 a month for a period of not less than three years at which time you will surrender your first born child, etc." I agree about being suspicious and finding out before you deposit this that you will end up "owing" the bank more than the $200 you supposedly were "refunded"........ I'm also wondering if somehow the deposited check would end up showing the account number it was deposited to? Thinking I would "cash" the check and get actual green money and take it elsewhere to deposit, spend, etc........ If they balk at cashing then I would question the actual value of the "refund"....................
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    Just recently I saw some info about a class action suit over the way one of the visa programs was run. They were visa cards you could buy at a store and reload. We had one for a short period of time as a gift. It cost about a fourth of the gift amount to pay all the fees and charges so we never reloaded it. Just said thanks and spent it in one large shopping trip - each time you used it a fee was deducted, among other fees.

    Not sure if this is the program or company. Usually there would be language about cashing the check being your acceptance of the terms of the settlement, etc... though.
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    Both the letter and the check were simple and straight forward, there simply wasn't any fine print. A visit to my bank on Monday should clear this up.