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  1. mrscatinthehat

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    Make a list for when they go to therapy. I am telling you things have been so crazy that I made notes so I wouldn't forget to review things and such. You know the events that I might forget just in that hour but come out going dang I meant to ask about, talk about, complain about.....this or that.

    I also have notes on what to prepare for. My ideas then her ideas (so nice to have people to keep me on this earth).

    I have a real good repore with her and the other two ladies in the office (they run the group I go to).

  2. Scent of Cedar II

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    I always did that, and think it is important to do so. None of us likes to address our issues (at least, I don't!). I felt that list kept me honest and on track.

    Wishing you well with your therapy. :smile:

  3. hearts and roses

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    Occasionally I would bring a list with me on specific topics I needed to explore just in case we started out talking about one thing and then I forgot about those other important things floating around inside my head.

    I think this is a good idea and it certainly can't hurt. My counselor once told me to put my list away and that was the end of her. I felt that I had specific goals that I wanted to reach in therapy and she had her own agenda. She felt that spontaneous discussion was better and while I agree that thoughts sometimes flow better that way, I also felt it was important for ME to stay on task in the specific areas I was hoping to work on. This was also the same CBT who wanted to send me off on my own after only 3 CBT visits as if, "Okay, you know what you need to do, you seem to be doing it, off you go!" Uh, no, it doesn't work that way, duh.

    I like your idea.
  4. DammitJanet

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    I do two things but then I have what I consider an exceptional therapist. I wish I could clone this lady.

    I normally go in and we start off just talking about what has been going on with my week, how I have been doing since we last talked...etc. Then she brings up things we have been working on or issues I have brought up previously.

    I also email her through the week when I have "deep" thoughts or something that is really on my mind. Sometimes I seem to have an easier time putting my issues in an email than I do face to face but then we can talk them through when we see each other during our sessions. Those emails give her a starting point on where I am. I have come to some interesting self reflections in my emails.

    I think I am very lucky that she encourages the emailing back and forth that we do. Some weeks we can keep up a running dialog daily and some weeks I dont even contact her at all. It all depends. Many times I will email her right after therapy to go over what we have discussed and delve into things more deeply. This works for us.
  5. Star*

    Star* call 911

    OH HONEY - I kept notes ALL WEEk and prayed my pshyc. doctor was a speed reader.
  6. Steely

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    Yep, I definitely take notes, as well as keep a running mental dialogue with her throughout the week, so I know exactly what I want to talk about with her when I get there. As parent's of these kids, as well as our own issues, I can see few other ways! It is just too much!

    Janet I LOVE the emailing idea. I wonder if my therapist would do that?
  7. mrscatinthehat

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    I ran out of darn time. That is when it is really sad. Ah well she gave me her cell # (wow) because she will be out of town with family but said with every thing that is going on in the next couple weeks while she is gone I can call her whenever I need to. You know that was so nice. I doubt I use it but it is darn nice to know if necessary it is there.

  8. flutterbee

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    That is a wonderful therapist you have.

    I would sometimes take notes with me to keep me on track. Some days I'm amazed I remember my name, let alone anything else.
  9. meowbunny

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    I still talk to my therapist. Call him about every other week (and he doesn't even charge me!). When I was in his area, I'd frequently come in with specific issues I needed to discuss. Other times, it was spontaneous. It really depended on what I needed at the time. Now, I call when I have very specific problems. He is awesome and I so miss him.
  10. susiestar

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    How else would you remember everything? with-o a list I would forget whatever thing that I really most need to discuss. I can't even make breakfast with-o a list, how on Earth would I handle therapy with-o one?? (I CAN make coffee with-o a list. Or glasses. Or being awake. But nothing else!)

    It has never occurred to me before now that people WOULDN'T take a list in to the therapist, or doctor, or whomever. Interesting.

  11. timer lady

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    Let's see - hmmmm.

    I email ahead of time of any/all issues that have "creeped" up during the previous week.

    I make notes in my PDA - my PDA alarm goes off during the session so I don't forget. I calmly hand my PDA to therapist so he/she can read & update; possibly address said update.

    Do you think I may be going overboard? Nah....just have memory issues! :hammer: :scared:

  12. DammitJanet

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    I used to have my therapists cell phone number but during one of my phones breakdowns I lost it and when she offered it to me again I declined it as a way to see if I could manage to make it without relying too heavily on her.

    I can reach her at home if something awful did come up. When Tony had his stroke I called her at home. She is listed in our phone book because I know her husbands first name and she told me it was perfectly ok for me to do this. Heck I know where she

    Cory has been to her house.

    Now when she leaves for major holidays she will email me and check up on me.