Does anyone know what the fake pot smells like?

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by DammitJanet, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. DammitJanet

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    I know what real post smells like but I am wondering what all the fake stuff smells like. I strongly suspect Buck is using something but it cant be something that would show up on a drug screen because he gets pee tested when he goes to his doctor every month. I dont think the test is quite as good as the one I get because he is at a free clinic but maybe it is because they could lose their license too. They have to be careful because the DEA watches places like that because I dont think they normally rx a lot of pain medications. I know they wouldnt rx me pain medications when I went there and I had a long history of being on them and I have no clue how he has managed to convince them when his records actually talk about his addictive problems. Sigh.

    So I know he would never use anything that would show up on a pee test like pot. They would immediately stop his pills. I also know that those tests dont test for synthetic pot unless they are a much different test than I have been told. I smell a strange smoke smell in my house from the end of my house where his room is. Sometimes when I knock on his door and he opens his door just a crack, the smoke will pour out and when it does, it smells awful. Not like any cigarette I have ever smelled. Its also thick. My room doesnt fill up with smoke like that and I smoke like a chimney. Cory smoked in there and it didnt roll out like that. Buck also puts a towel under his door sometimes. That tells me one thing. Im not stupid. I was a teen once. The man also makes pot pipes out of wood and sells them so its not like he doesnt have access to a way to smoke it. My question is what does this junk smell like so I know if what I am smelling is what I suspect it is. I get a major headache if I even get a whiff. I have to rush outside and clear my head fast. Tony is so naive that he tells me its just the cheap cigarettes Buck smokes. Argh. I know it isnt.

    One thing that really makes me suspicious is how Buck brags constantly how he quit cold turkey and that the doctors can test him all they want and he will come back clean any time. I sometimes worry myself because you simply never know what could come back from something you ate or like recently when I had my teeth pulled.

    What I ought to do is get some real pot and bake him some brownies or cookies a few days before his doctors

    He is acting really drugged. He sits in his chair and nods off like a heroin person. He cant stay awake for more than a few minutes. I would understand if he worked hard all day but he doesnt. He just sits there and nods in and out.
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    The police I work with said it smells like regular pot.
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    I've caught my son smoking it. It has a very faint smell of regular marijuana, mixed with a very strange and strong chemical smell.
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    Well then unless real pot has changed smell, its not that. I do know that people now put pot into cigars so it makes it smell different than what I used in the 70's, but I would assume I would still recognize the odor. I never actually caught Cory smoking it so I didnt smell it smoked. I havent smelled it in those cigars. I know they call them blunts. Im still wondering if that is it. Or if he could be smoking something else that wouldnt show up in a drug test. Why else is he so lethargic and seriously doped up sitting in a chair like a zombie? You know how people talk about people being in a corner drooling? Well that is what he acts like. He nods off like someone on dope. Yesterday I had to bang on his bedroom door for over 3 hours before he even woke up and this was from 3 pm to 5 pm. Finally at 5 he groggily he answered with one word...what. I asked to borrow his phone and he opened his door an inch and slid it out while a cloud of smoke billowed out. I was about ready to break down the door and call the rescue squad.
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    Chemical that does sound like it! That is what I sort of describe it as. I have gotten up and searched the house at times because I think I smell weird odors and cant figure out where it is coming from. We have central air and stuff comes through the vents. I have thought I smelled something burning..sort of like an electrical smell but not quite. Almost like he has some sort of cleaning liquids he is constantly spilling in his room but I know he doesnt because I have searched his room.
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    Meth also has a chemical smell, if any smell at all, but he certainly wouldn't be sleeping....!
  7. DDD

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    Pot in cigars (it's called smoking a blunt) does not change the smell of pot! Barf! It's still that yucky sweet smell. DDD
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    well it isnt pot because it doesnt smell like pot and I know he is getting tested...or at least he says he is. He brags about it.

    He has to be taking something. Or he is taking his prescribed medications way out of whack. Like he has always told me he only wants his medications to make him feel loopy. I have told him repeatedly that if he feels loopy then the medications are too strong. He is on 3 types of blood pressure medications and I am wondering if he messes with taking that so that when he takes it he hasnt taken it for a couple of days and he is all messed up on his blood pressure. He said he fell the other night. Well if his blood pressure isnt right that is entirely possible. You get up from a sitting position and you get dizzy. I am afraid he is going to cause himself to have a stroke or heart attack. No one puts someone on 3 blood pressure medications for no reason.