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  1. SnowAngel

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    which states have the best mental health care and supportive services? I found the rankings for general health care, but couldn't find it for mental health. We are looking at relocating and I feel that should be a big factor in deciding where we go.

    Hawaii was #1 for general health care, Iowa was #2. Must be the fruit and corn?
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    I do not know about who has the best mental health care, but Hawaii is very expensive to live in, and Iowa is much more affordable. My mother in law lives there, and when she visits us she is shocked at how much we pay for housing and utilities.
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    I am not sure. I would look for a Children's Hospital in the area if I were to move again. usually a Children's Hospital (esp one that has been around for many years) will have all the specialists and they will all be trained in dealing with children/ So if your child with problems needs surgery or something you will have a much better outcome.

    I have friends who used to live in Hawaii. The cost of living there was very high. That is all I know about it.


  4. SnowAngel

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    I don't want to move to Hawaii. I just thought it was interesting that they were #1 for overall health care.

    I want to move where there are the season changes. The beautiful colors of fall,shoveling snow, seeing the blossoms bloom in spring and watching the squirels play in the trees. I so miss Minnesota, but we aren't going there either.

    There are to many restrictions on supportive services here. My son needs a behavioral coach and a counselor at least twice a week. Out here you have to fight to get anything other than counseling weekly and a monthly medication check.
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    I think no matter where you go the satisfaction in mental health care will vary. For instance, here in CT there are A LOT of adolescent psychiatrists & psychologists, and we have a lot of hospitals that offer mental health care doctors and APRNs. HOWEVER, if your child needs hospitalization or inpatient mental health care, you are out of luck. But that has been my experience.

    I am curious to see if there are any states with high ratings for mental health care across the board.
  6. totoro

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    Don't move to Idaho!!! At last count there was less than 30 psychiatrist's in the whole state... the northern part of the state has very poor services in general for Residential Treatment Center (RTC), psychiatric hospital, ER care or therapy... the south is limited also from what I have read.

    Lots os big cities have great teaching hospitals or childrens hospitals with great behavior depts. Seattle has one, Tucson, Chicago a few, Stanford, San Fran., Cleveland, that doesn't even get into the East coast!!! Lots of good hospitals and clinics, You need to find one with a good SD, and environment you like also... and were you can afford to live!!! It is a hard choice to make... We are always on the verge of moving. We love it here, but the schools are poor and the health system is not great. We drive 90 miles each way to see our psychiatrist... we have Tucson, AZ on our list. They have a really good behavior center in their University Hospital with a highly recommended Husband and wife team... Our awsome psychiatrist1 from Chicago recommended them...

    research alot before you make that decision ... we keep researching Tucson just in case...
    Good luck
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    Ok I am in Iowa and I want to know who made that decision that we have such good health care. OMG I am sitting her beside myself wondering where the heck they make those decisions and secondly WHAT IS IT LIKE ELSEWHERE?

    As for mental health care it depends on what you need for your difficult child. I could not in good conscience recommend you come here. Especially for advanced mental health care. It gets pretty hard here (as with everywhere). We have gone a variety of different routes and not a one has been close to doing what we really needed. Good luck on your search. If you do come to Iowa I would have some definate things to recommend you avoid doing but will save those conversations until that time.

  8. SnowAngel

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    I will definately look more into what each state offers. It was a medical board for the government I believe where I got the info. Guess they are way off.