Does anyone, pray tell, understand healthcare in states where Medicaid was turned dow

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    I don't want any opinions on the law or snarky comments or even good comments. I am just wondering what to expect and I am not getting any good answers. Our govener, whom I hate, turned down the extra Medicaid subsidies. And he ended our state's low income safety net healthcare carrier. He's such a peach, I tell ya!!! But anyhow, what happens now? I have Medicare because I'm on SSDI, but I no longer will get state insurance and will have to buy a policy that subsidizes Medicare. Any good ones? Do they cover prescriptions?

    What about the rest of the family? Are these high deductible policies? We are going to crunch and go for the best policy we can get, even at having less food in the house. I already only shop for food a few times a month, but after the kids leave, hub and I don't eat much anyway.

    We need a family policy. Has anybody figured this out yet? Wisconsinites very welcome...or any other state where the gov. turned down Medicaid.

    I am afraid we will have to move back to Illinois just to get healthcare, but nobody in the family wants to move to Illinois. I sure don't want to leave Jumper and Sonic and neither does Tom. Also Julie is only three hours away in Chicago. However, it has not escaped our notice that every surrounding state has taken the Medicaid subsidy.

    Again, I only want facts, not opinions. I don't expect that too many know too much themselves, but if anyone does, I'm up for a lesson :) We make about $40K a year, which will go down considerably after Sonic moves out next year....maybe $27K. Not sure how much that matters. Before you gasp, cost of living is low here along with wages, but that is still not a lot to live on. Any help?
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    start with and see what your options are, compare costs, plans, benefits, deductibles, etc. Answer a few questions on family size, income, and the additional health care credits you may be suprised...
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    This may help

    It's a shift from the state funded program to the federally funded exchanges. If you qualified for badgercare, you should qualify for the subsidies... Hth
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    Sig, we do. But there is no Medicaid. Chances are we will have to pay big deductibles (sigh). Ah, well. I am seriously wishing it were feasible to move back to Illinois or just move a few paces over to Minnesota. But I tend to catastrophic and things will probably work out fine. Sig, I thank you (and everyone who responded). Sig, I am especially grateful for your response because I know you also live here.
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    Try this calculator. I think it will be very helpful.

    As you know- I live in Wi and work in Illinois. I am not sure you would have a better experience in IL. Thinks are really a mess and the taxes are out if control there (sales & property) Here is their link for determining Medicaid v Exchange if you want to compare.

    Sonic is technically an adult? He may be able to qualify for a fully subsidized shift to the exchange. I know jumper will be in college soon and many colleges offer student policies at low cost.

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    Am signing up in Ca. From what I am seeing, I should have a big break from paying Cobra at 918.00 a month to about 240.00 a month, and then when I go on straight SS, to way less than that a month. Cobra is killing me but I have to keep it thru December as I am on disability - its 3.00 more than my mortgage. :( I checked with my doctor, and he has signed up already. In Ca, there are agents that have some kind of AFC certification, so I can always call one in my area with questions and help thru it. SO will have no change and pay nothing for his, same as he does now

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    Yes, California is one of, what I consider, the "good, accomodating" states, but Wisconsin is the opposite. Our monthly payment for healthcare WILL go down, thanks to the feds, but it's almost impossible to get Medicaid, even if you are on SSDI and obviously there will be probably large deductables, etc. Each state is different. Ours is probably one of the worst if you are a person in need.
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    I am in Texas and it is a huge mess. I wish I could help you, but I am overwhelmed with the whole thing.
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    Thanks, p :) At least I know I'm not the only one!!!
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    I hope they dont take away medicaid from very low income SSDI people. I actually make less than the current levels for individual medicaid for the disabled. In NC, if a person is disabled they can get regular medicaid if you earn less than $850 a month. When I started getting disability back in 2007, the limit for medicaid for the disabled was $800. Slowly over the past couple years that limit has gone up to about 50 to 70 dollars more than what I got from SSDI. Since that wasnt a medicaid program over and above the federal limits, I am hoping it doesnt go away because I cant afford to even pay my deductible for the Medicare part A. I understand that is going up to either 124 or 142. I dont know which I saw. I just know it had those numbers in

    If I then have to buy a medigap policy, I might as well not even get SSDI because most of it will go towards the insurance.

    From what I understand, very low income people arent going to qualify for this health insurance anyway. If you meet or are lower than the poverty level then you cant get it. Like there are people who only make 6K a year working part time, well they say you should meet the medicaid guidelines but if they dont have any kids, well then they dont qualify. Mandy just lost medicaid because she is making about 500 a month and that is over income limits for an adult. The baby still qualifies.
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    Janet, that's not true. We don't make a lot and we do qualify and our premiums should only be $94/mo. with the federal subsidies. Medicaid is another story. We'd get it if we lived in Illinois. We won't in Wisconsin. But I'm not going to complain about $95 a month with a fed. subsidy. And hub is looking at a better plan than just the minimum. I should be getting Medicaid for Disability, but I'm not. I'll have to look into that, but that would only cover me anyway, not husband or Jumper (Sonic should get it).

    All states are different though.
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    Yes they are. I hope to all that is holy that NC doesnt change the way they are doing it now.

    I have calculated what my expenses would be if I didnt get medicaid. Because I go to the doctor almost once a week, if I had to pay copays plus the $124 that Medicaid part B has increased to, plus the first $200 deductible, then 20% of every doctor or lab or whatever, I wouldnt make hardly anything. The only good thing would be I might be able to find a part time job working from home maybe doing call center work but I could only do that very part time because I think the max you can make and still get SSDI is about 1,000 a month and I get 800. $200 a month wont make up for what I would lose. Not to mention the medications. Oh lord I would have to find a way to go back to work. I couldnt make it on maybe 100 to 200 a month.