does anyone speak egyptian arabic?

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    My poor co-worker's mother in law speaks very little english, she speaks egyptian-arabic. Her sister in law is a 15 y/o with a mood disorder, using PCP. My co-worker is a 20 something with a new baby. Her mother in law keeps dumping this kid off on her door step all the time. Co-worker's husband and mother in law kinda do not want to face facts that there's an obvious problem, although co-worker's husband is getting there quickly.

    So long story short, I am trying to direct them to some resources, but no one has anyone who can accomadate the mother in law's language needs. So it's a shot in the dark, but I think a call from a fellow difficult child parent who could speak to her in her language might be helpful.

    PM me if you speak egyptian arabic and might be willing to:redface: help
  2. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green nurse practitioner is married to an Egyptian. Not sure what he speaks though. Course, that may not help since he's not right here with me. LOL Hope you find someone though.

    A there a college or university around that may have a Language Department? Or (weird as this sounds) maybe a FBI branch that could hook you up with a translator?
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    I *think* that most government agencies have to provide a translator. I know that the last time I was in the child support office they had a sign listing languages they provide translators for and I didn't even recognize quite a few. So, you might have them try the county mental health agency. If it's bad enough or if they can't find services any other way, they might go to the ER. They should find a translator, too.
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    Well, our psychiatrist is Egyptian :D But I don't think he speaks Arabic... Sorry I'm not much help!
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    My GP is Egyptian Coptic, but I think we're a bit too far away to help! But it did make me wonder - is there an Egyptian Coptic Church in your area? If there is, there could be someone there who could translate and maybe put them in touch with the appropriate services.

    The Coptic Church (Ethiopian; Egyptian coming in a close second) is the oldest Christian denomination. It's older than Orthodox.

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    Does the city/county/state have a central referral office of some sort? They would be able to provide you with a list of free translators. This is important that the mother in law get hooked up with this sort of service so that she can use it whenever dealing with government agencies, etc. The local library may even know where to point you.
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    Arabic is Arabic. There might be differences in idiom and pronunciation, but the language uses the same alphabet and words no matter where you go.

    Arabic is one of the more common languages spoken in the US and UK.

    Hospitals and the like, should they not have an Arabic speaker in house, have access to a telephone translation system.

    They are required to by law.

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    wow God answers prayer!

    difficult child II's new BA came for the 1st time today. I look down at his card and one of the many things listed on it is "Translator (Arabic-English).

    I was like wow, you speak arabic? He was like yup why?

    I am so excited to tell my co-worker 2morrow, her sister in law was just hospitalized today for trying to strangle her mother in law this weekend! The evaluation SW tried to send her home too! The system is most definatley flawed!!!
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    Way To Go. Glad you got results.
    I was just about to offer the svcs of the guy I did the mural for, but you have a much better resource.
    Take care.
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    أدخل النص هنا لترجمة