Does this count?

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    My difficult child has been living with his girlfriend, they knew each other from high school- he played football and she was a cheerleader. She is so sweet. loves difficult child and works very hard. She was pregnant, it's not difficult child's biological child. The baby was born in October and difficult child and his girlfriend work their schedules out so one of them is always with Bentley. difficult child is off on weekends so he has the baby and he comes over.

    As far as I'm concerned, he's ours. I love this little guy as if he were ours. My difficult child is the best daddy any baby could ask for. He's so attentive, he changes him, dresses him, knows what he needs. I'm so proud of him. The baby's bio dad has another baby about to be born, doesn't pay anything and wants to give up his parental rights. It's a long story, but he's really not nice.

    Anyway, I may be a member if the grandma club.
    on the other hand, my very dear friend....she adopted a child 13 years ago, the child is now 20. My friend is 47 and could never have children. She is due in August with twins!!!!! OMG, I can't imagine this. I'm very happy for her!!!
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    I get it, I'm one of those middle age post adoption surprises myself. :) Born 9 months exactly after the Ash Wednesday Storm of 1962, according to my mom. :)
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    An amazing story! Congratulations to you!!! Congrats to your friend!
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    Wow congratulations!!! This put a smile on my face today. I so appreciated this. What a wonderful difficult child.
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    Yes, UAN... it counts. Enjoy grandparenting!
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    Lucky little baby if you ask me!

    I can't imagine being pregnant at 47 with twins. God bless your friend. I hope all goes well!