Does working cures depression.

A dad

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Is working an job any job am cure for depression. I noticed in my life and on this forum that people tjat suffer from depression manage it way better when they have an job.
Could it be an cure for it what do you all think?


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Cure? No. But from what I've seen and heard, it does help. Exercise helps as well. The problem with depression is it makes you want to be isolated but that isolation only feeds the depression. Those more knowledgeable will come later and either correct or confirm what I've said.


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I had serious clinical depression. I did not work well when depressed. Depression affects concentration.

I think it helps to be busy but not convinced it's a cure. But it beats lying in bed. Doing nothing makes depression worse.

Tanya M

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I think it depends on the level of depression. I believe having a sense of purpose can help one to feel valued. I went though a rough patch of depression after my mother died. The routine of my job and knowing others relied on me was a huge part of my being able to get out of bed.
I have also found that exercise is a huge help with depression.


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Tanya is right on many levels.

Situational depression, which is due to circumstances, is more easily cured and working and exercising can do the trick.

Clinical depression is biological and not related to what is going on in life. I had this. It can come on like a ton of bricks even when everything is going your way. Very often medication is the best way to get going. When clinically depressed, eating sleeping, concentration habits, almost all body rhythms are screwed up and you are often too disabled to work a high level job or to get up and exercise. People tend not to understand clinical depression. You can't just snap out of it.


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I think maybe...of course we are all different.
It's wonderful and healthy to feel productive!!!!
A lot depends on the job, your supervisor/boss, co-workers, environment and commute. Wow...that's a lot.
I've had mild depression off and on for many years.
Crummy jobs, made depression worse for me. Good jobs, sometimes helped and were greatly appreciated.
My ideal job was part time ones that had many good aspects....which I've kind of mentioned before. My situation was exacerbated by health problems and of course working full time, tended to make
me tired, which tended to make my health problems worse. PLUS, I had added stress from others curious and often NOT so nice about why I had to go to the doctor so frequently and/or blood tests all the time. I've discovered (sadly) generally speaking, folks don't have much empathy.
I personally think good part time jobs would be a wonderful asset for soooo many in this country: mothers who would like more time with their children, elderly, those with health issues....phsycial and mental, those caretakers for very sick family members, who might be able to make arrangements to work part time only. No doubt there is a huge list.