Does your boss want you dead? More Greed!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mom_in_training, Dec 18, 2007.

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    That is a sick and disgusting - and totally amoral - practice. That article looks dated. I'll have to look around and see what changes, if any, Congress made to the laws.

    This reminded me of the one time my ex flew easy child to Atlanta for a visit. He proudly boasted to me how he had purchased with the plane ticket some kind of life insurance on my son for $100,000 that only covered him on the flight. I think he honestly thought I was going to be proud of him or impressed or something. easy child was 5 years old. I told him I thought it was disgusting that he would be proud to benefit financially should something happen to our son. Why do you need a $100,000 life insurance policy on a healthy 5 year old?
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    This rather reminds me of my evil father in law who when he found out LDH was terminally ill, promptly went out and purchased half a million in "no physical required" term life insurance on him for a period of five years.

    husband obligingly died during the term of the policy and father in law collected.

    Meanwhile. My job was outsourced. I lost my house to medical bills, and I never saw a stinking dime of the insurance money. father in law bought a new townhome in a very ritzy suburb of chicago and another condo in AZ.

    The only consolation (if you want to call it that)is that he didn't get to enjoy his ill gotten gains for very long. He died two years later. I was, as expected, totally cut out of the will
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    Going North, My God, that sounds like something out of a cheesy made for tv movie about an evil father in law. How terrible. I wonder where father in law wound up - IOW, did he go "up" or "down"?
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    When our girls were little, exh wanted to buy insurance policies on them. I ignored him till he finally went away.
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    Someone I know divorced the man that she had two children with. The ex husband remarried a woman with two children and later had another child together. It was found out she had gotten a life ins policy on the friends ex because she felt that the divorce was going to kill him stress wise. She went on to insure my friends two kids and it was found out that she even had life ins on her own kids and she was persuing life ins on the father in law that hated her. Oh and she was a widow to boot that was living on life ins collected when her first husband hung himself Hmmmmmm. Thats just immorally wrong!!! :nonono:
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    I'm not sure where father in law wound up and I'm not all that concerned about that end of it.

    husband was the "bad seed", the one child chosen to be the target of terrible physical and emotional abuse.

    I can remember one winter's night when it was sleeting terribly and my dad asked s2bDH to stay over as he was concerned about his safety driving.

    Dad of course insisted that my boyfriend call home to get permission to spend the night (on the rec room sofa).

    boyfriend said, "Don't bother. No one cares where I am."

    Finally, boyfriend called with my dad on the extension. Sure enough, father in law said, "Whatever" and hung up on my dad.

    Later that night boyfriend said, "Mr L, could I please use your shower nd borrow something to sleeep in?"

    In the process of boyfriend changing into sleep clothes, dad got a look at the bruises and old scars on his back and chest.

    He called CPS with boyfriend begging him not to for fear his brother and cousin would be taken away.

    It turned out that father in law had taken to beating boyfriend with a coat hanger or electric cord, the scars faded as he grew older, at least the physical ones, but my dad said at the time it looked like boyfriend had been flogged.