Dog People...Care to Input on my new strange idea?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DDD, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. DDD

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    As you likely remember Ace is a big needy (beautiful AKC, lol) Boxer. Ace is 5, husband will soon be 81, and I will soon be 73. We have an empty nest...except for Ace, of course. Shortly after I had my colon surgery fourteen months ago I asked husband to let Ace go live in Tx with our mega easy child who had just lost their Great Dane pet of many years. At first he agreed. Then, sigh, he called easy child and said "No I have decided to keep Ace." As a result of that choice and a couple of other doozies I told him "I am not going to partner in the care of Ace. I am going to take care of my health etc. etc." SO...when husband is not home I still make sure there is food/water/opportunities to go outside and occasionally short walks. Ace truly is a wonderful dog and husband has stepped up to the plate more than I thought he would do. End of the preamble.

    This week I had a light bulb moment that I'm trying to analyze. What would happen if I put an ad in the paper "Co-parent Sought For Big Wonderful Boxer". Maybe in the body of the ad: Senior couple loves their 5 year old pet but is seeking a loving family to provide supplemental care and affection. Possible transfer of ownership in the future. For further info email xxxxxxx."

    How weird is that? husband has cardiac issues and neither of us are going to live forever. None of our kids are "right" to adopt him. easy child got another Great Dane. easy child/difficult child has a house but his SO sees their dog as..well.."their" pet. His house is not huge and SO is an "outside dog" kind of country girl. Ace is not an outside dog, lol. What do you guys think? Could it work? Should I just wait until something dire happens and then find an adoptive family then? Thanks for the input. DDD
  2. Kathy813

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    I have actually heard of something like this but it was with two families that lived very close to each other and the dog spent time at both houses. I would think it would only work if the other family was close by. Do you have any neighbors that already know Ace and might be willing to do something like this?

    Would your husband go for it?

  3. Rabbit

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    You might want to check with dog or boxer rescues in your area. The one here has a program in place to help seniors keep their pets as long as possible and place them if necessary . Vets also might know of high schoolers who can not have a dog,need or want volunteer hours, and would be happy to help with yours. Local church volunteer groups might also be able to help. Hugs Rabbit
  4. DDD

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    Nope, Kathy. I don't know anyone but we do live in a small community so it's easier to get info on people. husband?? I really don't know what his reaction would be. He does completely love Ace but he does know that Ace deserves a more active lifestyle than he can provide. I "think" if it was a nice family he might go for it. We have had alot of much loved kids leave the nest and if he could "visit" Ace or "see" him...I think so. DDD
  5. SomewhereOutThere

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    It sounds like a GREAT idea to me, not strange at all. And I like Kathy's ideas too. Maybe they do know people who would do that and take him in if anything happens.

    I think that is very caring of you to worry about your baby.
  6. Jody

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    great idea, you might find a family who is very busy during the week, but would love to have a dog but because of busy schedules can't do it, so when the weekend they might just love to have a doggie spend the nights and play with, go jogging, dog park, or whatever activity. Sounds like a great idea.
  7. DammitJanet

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    I think it sounds great.. One other idea that may or may not work. Are there any senior citizen homes that have pets for therapy animals? It might be possible for Ace to spend some time with them there and come back to your house sometimes.