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My Chloe was biting at her butt a few weeks ago, 3 or 4. When I looked at what she was biting at (back leg area) it was all raw, and yucky. Took her to the vet. They called it a hot spot. They took her in back to clean it up. When she came back it was about 6 inches in diameter that they had shaved and was all infected. They said her anal glands were full so they drained them, and that was likely the cause. She was uncomfortable and trying to get as far back as possible, therefore biting on her back leg/butt area. Was given antibiotics and steroids. Ok..I believe i posted about this. But today, same thing, other side.
Where it is the most raw, there is no fur, it is bare. But the sore's run down her leg also. I brushed out most of the scab's and she doesn't seem to be biting anymore. But it smells really bad. She didn't do anything unusual yesterday. Could it be anal glands again?? I have been at the vet every week for the past month with one dog or the other. It is getting very expensive. Chloe isn't herself today. Laying around. Not getting up. Don't know what I should do. Should I take her back to the vet? Should I wait and see if it heals on it's own?


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And yes, I would absolutely take the dog to the vet.

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Yep. I'd try to get her in to see the vet.

You might want to discuss allergies. She could be allergic to a plant in the yard or even to fleas (which like to hang out around the tail and buttocks area).

Our dog Molly chewed herself raw til we found out it was the darn fleas she was allergic to! Frontline, reg baths, and allergy medications have finally cured the problem.



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My dog Chester has these hot spots constantly......although they have nothing to do with anal stems from allergies I think to grass and mosquito bites....but it is always on his back tail area. Whenever he gets a hot spot I spray a liquid calamine lotion on it. It comes in a green can made by BandAid, and when you spray it on it stops the itching and acts as a sort of sealant. It works miracles......better than the stuff the vet gives.
Certainly take Chloe back to the vet to make sure things are not infected again, and then maybe try spraying that on the spots twice a day, and see if that keeps her from itching and biting at them. For Chester, his spots heal almost immediately with the spray.
Good luck


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I, too, would take the dog to the vet just to be sure. However, I did have a dog who got hot spots fairly often and I found a product called Sulfodene, made by Hartz Mountain. I think I got it at WalMart or PetSmart. In any case, if I caught them early, treatment with that usually cured them without a trip to the vet. You might ask your vet about it if you are going anyway. It might save you some vet bills if this continues to be a problem.


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I hope you find the solution for your pooch. I had a cocker spaniel who had the same problems. Turned out to be skin allergies, some environmental which were helped by care of where we took him outside and by frequent bathing. Also mixed with allergy to the foods he was eating, turned out had to get only one specific pet food available at vet only, but saved my pooch from the skin symptoms. Good luck.


Thanks everyone. I did call and take her to the vet. Saw a different doctor this time. He was very thorough. He shaved the area, very large area. Checked anal glands..not it. Took a fine comb and combed her entire body, didn't find anything. The area on her tummy, near her hind legs is also red, but skin not broken as with the back. He said allergies. He thinks it is an inhaled allergy. We did have problems in the spring with her sneezing internal and external sneezing non stop. He put an ointment on her, then sprayed the area with something. Gave her an injection of cortisone and antibiotic. Very infected, smells awful. I gave her an oatmeal bath yesterday and didn't notice anything. It was a new shampoo and she needed a bath.
Anyway, she is now on antibiotics, steroids and antihistimine as well as her thyroid medicine. Vet wants her on antihistimines continuously. He said we can stop for short times, but as soon as we see her itch we need to start it back up. He said if it ends up being a year round allergy then we need allergy testing.
I am going to look into a different type of dog food.
Thanks for all the advice.


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I would take her to the vet.
Henson always bites herself and scratches but she has really bad allergies and she has anxiety issues that are aggrivated mostly from the screaming of Sammy.

Hope your Dog is ok. Let us know!!

Allergic dermatitis can drive you nuts. Odd to have started like this in an older dog but not that uncommon in a hypothyroid dog.

Which antihistamine did they put her on?

I'm sure the vet gave you all the options but did he draw blood? The thyroid acting up (despite medications) can contribute to the skin problems. Consider a thyroid test if you need to go back for more skin problems. Was a fecal done for parasites?

Keeping the area clean will really help it heal quicker. Be sure to scrub it up a couple of times a day and get all the soap residue off.

As you've seen, hotspots can develop in hours and is usually well established by the time it is noticed.

Did the vet recommend any type of topical ointment or spray to deter the chewing? If not try a 50/50 mix of bitter apple and liquid heat. A vet I worked for (in California) prescribed that and I thought he was nuts but the clients raved about it, especially during flea season when hotspots were a constant problem. Personally I've never used it, too worried about it getting on the kids or on me...but the clients raved about it.

There are foods out there for allergic dogs but if its been on the same food for the last couple of months, I wouldn't suspect that the food is the issue. Then again, different lots of food and different chances for contaminants to cause problems.

If your dog has dry skin to begin with, that can increase the dermititis. Are you giving any type of supplements? If not, regular OTC fish oil capsules added to the daily rations can make a huge difference in the skin and coat.

Skin problems are a PITA.


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Just saw this. We had a dog that would chew at hot spots until they were awful. They make a spray called Bitter Apple that is used to keep the dog from chewing. You put it on the area around. Our stupid dog loved the taste, but most animals hate it.

You can get it in pet stores or feed stores.