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  1. Hound dog

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    Molly and Maggie are rapidly becoming very close. Doesn't take much to see that Maggie looks up to Molly.....and tries to copy her, so much like a little kid it's so cute.

    Molly had a really bad week last week and some of this week. But through trial and error, Maggie has discovered that the prime time to get Molly to play with her is in the morning, if she's not having too bad of a day. So while I used to drink my coffee in peace and quiet...............I now drink my coffee with the excited puppy yips and barks of Maggie as she's racing around the house trying to find a new angle to go at Molly who is usually standing in the middle of the dingingroom floor sounding quite ferocious as she barks and lunges at the zooming Maggie. But her tail is up and wagging and she's got a devilish grin on her face. And more than a few times, on a really good day for Molly, she will get down and wrestle with Maggie too. This, of course, sends Maggie right over the top in happiness.

    They also walk together, which causes quite a stir in the neighborhood, at least once a day as long as the weather permits or it's not too beastly hot. Maggie is getting some good socialization, and is Molly. Because Molly grew tired of everyone fawning over the wee one and started poking her nose in to be loved on too. LOL Molly is friendly to people, especially if I'm giving her no body language or command to be otherwise......but I've never really seen her go up and want to be petted by someone, even if it's just for a second. Maybe she's checking them out up close to make sure it's ok for Maggie to be petted by them, who knows? I'm not quite sure why this causes a stir in the neighborhood.......but Maggie is awfully cute and she walks next to Molly most of the time proud as punch.

    Maggie has more than doubled her weight at 7 wks to over 10 lbs at 11 wks. She is about the same size as Molly was though at 3 mos (I have photos of molly to compare to), but it's obvious she's going to have a much stockier build to her even if she doesn't grow to full St. B size.

    Training is going well for her age. We're doing Sit, Maggie Come (I have to distinguish or I get 3 dogs and a cat at my feet), House, Pee pee (potty), Leave It, Off, and Night Night (go into her crate). She's doing so well with Sit I'm about to add a new one. The others are mostly everyday all day long commands that go with the daily routine. I think I'll add Down next, which is what I use for lie down. I don't want her doing Sit Pretty (beg) until I know for certain she has Sit down pat. And if I don't start down rather early......well, I've had issues getting dogs to learn it, dunno why.

    Once I found the perfect training tools, she trains fast and easy. Hers are either liver treats or cheese (teeny pieces). And she lets you know by sitting at your feet if you haven't given her the treat part yet. LOL But once she gets the command down the treat stops being every single time so she gets used to doing it without the treat. Gradually, they're weaned off treats for commands, although I might give them one every once in a while......or have them do something for the treat specifically. She's super smart, and with her build, training is a must with her.

    Molly is having a ton of bad days, but as long as her good days out number the bad........I'm not going to do anything.

    Rowdy had me worried because he'd all but stopped moving. He'd move if you made him pretty much. I knew his nails had over grown and it was tricky to find clippers that could handle them due to thickness. But I finally did and Nichole stopped by this morning on her way to her 4th celebration to help me clip them. He did amazing for a old guy who's never had it done before. Just stood there on leash while she did what needed to be done.........but then again Mom had a dish of his favorite snacks (peanut butter flavor biscuits) for him to munch on while she was doing it. LOL And I am very relieved that it appears his issue was just the nails. Although how they grew like that when they never have....I dunno......maybe he had more issues with arthritis during the winter/spring than before. So now that he can/wants to move again.....I can see how he really feels about Maggie.

    All 3 dogs will get their flea treatment again in the morning. :)
  2. SomewhereOutThere

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    I hope little Maggie makes Molly's last days more enjoyable.

    I have so much trouble putting down pets. I have to know that they are suffering all the time or I can't do it.

    Huggs :)
  3. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    I think Maggie IS making Molly's last days more enjoyable. At least at this point. :)

    Had to shake my head yesterday evening. We came across another dog who was walking with his people on the other side of the street.........Molly got between this strange dog and Maggie and she's barking and growling and snarling, warning the strange dog away from her pup. LOL (didn't matter that other dog was across the street no where near Maggie) That settles it, Molly has officially bonded with Maggie. The protectiveness will end though once Molly is confident Maggie is old enough to take care of herself.
  4. SomewhereOutThere

    SomewhereOutThere Well-Known Member

    Honestly, I think this is so sweet and adorable. Bless Molly and her little girl Maggie. I hope they have lots of time to enjoy one another.
  5. InsaneCdn

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    Maggie is probably part of what is keeping Molly going now... Molly has one last major mission in life... to make sure that the Alpha Female of the house has a properly trained doggie around... and she's doing everything she can to make it happen.
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    Awesome. I love that they are making such a bond. I'd love to get another dog, but we'd have to fence the yard and that's too big of an expense.