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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Kjs, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. Kjs

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    I am having so much fun.

    I am so sick of buying dog toys only to have the younger dog tear it up in a matter of minutes. Like her entire goal is to get that squeaky thing out of it...then leave it.

    My older dog played with them, carried them but never ripped them to shreds.

    So..I ordered squeakers on E-bay (110). I bought a few yards of material, traced a bone shape toy, bought some stuffing..and..I have about 25 toys laying around. I think she is confused now. I put them all away in the basket and her new goal is to empty that basket.

    The first toy she did chew through, a little hole the size of a dime. Through that hole she managed to chew the end of the squeaker off.
    I fixed her! I sewed every squeaker into a peice of older material (sheets) and then placed it inside. Now if she does get through it she isn't getting that squeaker.

    I find this to be my challenge also. I am determined to find a way that she will NOT get that squeaker. LOL.
  2. flutterbee

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    That sounds like a great project for difficult child. Our dog always goes for the squeaker, too, and isn't happy until she's gotten it out. She will play with the 'carcass' after, but she HAS to have that squeaker. difficult child would get a kick of doing something like this.
  3. donna723

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    Mine are very dedicated chewers too! There are very few toys that will stand up to a Boston, much less TWO Bostons! I don't even buy stuffed toys for them anymore because they won't last five minutes. They will make a tiny hole in it and then pull all the stuffings out through the hole, then they get the squeaker.

    They only get the heavy duty hard rubber ones now. The cheaper ones they manage to chew up but there's three that have so far been "Boston-proof". Any of the "Kong" toys are great! The one that looks like three round shapes put together is wonderful! It's hollow in the middle and you can put a treat inside and they stay busy for hours trying to get it out! I put a spoonful of peanut butter inside or a few pieces of kibble. There's one called a "Cuz" that looks like a ball with little ears and feet. They LOVE it! It has a loud squeaker but if it comes out, it goes inside it and they can't get it. And there is a ball called a "Holey Roller" (love the name!) that, so far, seems to be indestructible! It's Katy's favorite and even she hasn't been able to tear it up! It's a hollow ball made out of open geometic shapes of tough squishy rubber. They weigh next to nothing and you can throw them in the house without breaking things! That one is Katy's favorite.
  4. Marguerite

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    Glue a squeaker inside a kong - and see how long she works at it.

  5. GoingNorth

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    German Shepherd person here. "Kong" toys are the only thing that work around here, that and RAW bones (cooked bones splinter).

    You can stuff Kongs with peanut butter or (if you ask my dog) even better, with cheese spread or liver sausage. Avoid the "stuffing" sold in spray cans. It is basically nothing but flavored fat and way too rich for many dogs.

    Great thing about Kongs is that you can either boil them or run them through the dishwasher if they get too funky and nasty.
  6. hearts and roses

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    My dogs can only have kings in the summertime in their outdoor cage. They love messing with them all day to get that last bit of peanut butter out. We also give them raw meaty bones, but because my dogs are so little (cairns) I have to take out some of the fatty marrow - it's just too rich for their small digestive tracts.

    The squeakers!!!! I love your idea and have thought to do that myself, but I didn't think about the extra wrapping around the squeaker. Maybe then the toy would last more than 3.5 minutes!! Only one of our dogs is a stuffed animal type of dog and goes after the squeaker. I have to buy mini-tennis balls for the other dog.
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Go to your local pet store and invest in a toy called a KONG -

    I have pit bulls and american bulldogs that can't and have not chewed through them and LIVE to just sit and chew them all day long - you can stuff them with pnut butter or KONG cheese, or cookie -

    The only reason i've had to replace it is because it laid out in the yard and weathered. It has absolutely been the favorite toy of my boys and ever foster dog we've ever had - it's FOR heavy chewers.

    I've already paid $800.00 to have a leather collar with tags, a milk jug and a plastic toy squeeker cut out of a belly - NO MORE - Mine would eat the material AND the squeeker.

    Check out the Kong - it looks like a CV boot to an automobile - actually the lady that created this - had German Shepherds and took CV boots off old VW's for her dogs to chew -

  8. witzend

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    Bubba liked the kong, and we would fit treats inside of it. I didn't mind, but he would lick at it for hours and there would be huge globs of foamy slobber all over the carpet. It collected crud like crazy. I could never get into the peanut butter because it got grease everywhere and made him toot. Not like he doesn't toot enough already!

    Now it's twisty rawhides. Mandy's an even bigger slobberer than Bubba, she looks like a mad-dog foaming at the mouth when I give her something to chew on. There's no way I'm giving her a Kong! I did give her a tire shaped toy made by the same people who make the Kong, thinking there would be less licking involved. It was gone to bits in half an hour.
  9. KTMom91

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    My Jack Russell loves stuffed toys with ears and tails, easier to carry them around and shake them. I spend a lot of time performing surgery on his toys. He prefers to pull the stuffing out and scatter it all over the house. He doesn't like the Kong, would rather have biscuits and treats handed to him. He knows how to open his "cookie jar" so we have to keep it put up.
  10. Kjs

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    Geeze...all your dogs are so easily amused. We tried the kong. Didn't go over so well. Chloe just will give you the look, beg, roll over, play dead, give you paw, high five...then just look at you and drool.
    If she really wants something she'll roll over and over and over all the way across the room.

    She wouldn't work for it though. She loves toys. She squeaks them and carries them around. it is the other dog that seems to think it is her job to pull the stuffing out and find that squeaker. Kenzie might like the Kong, but she watches Chloe. If Chloe puts her nose up and walks away, Kenzie will too. If chloe picks something up...Kenzie takes it away.

    I am just having fun making these. And I WILL find a way that she cannot get to the squeeker. Maybe I'll spray that bitter apple stuff on the squeaker and then sew it in a separate casing and then inside the toy. Hah...suprise for her.

    Must admit, since I now have so many toys laying around she is confused. She hasn't chewed any up. and the older toys that she has pulled the stuffing out I just sewed up with no stuffing. She has no reason to open it up now.

    Both dogs greet me each day when I get home with a toy in their mouth and whinning.