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    I have been babysitting difficult child#1's dog until they get moved. She has been a real pain: ate the cushion on my windowseat, several pillows, the lip off my bottom step, a piece of my bed (the wood part), my bedspread, a chair cushion, etc. :holymoly: However, I love dogs and have managed to cope. When he wanted to bring her here, I pointed out that she was almost old enough to go into heat and I have one male dog that has not been fixed. Not a problem, he said. Ha, ha. Famous last words! :devil: She is now in heat and male dog has been enjoying himself. I tried to shut her in my back room, away from him, but she ate a 3' x 2' hole in the door. So..... I know you can take your dog to the vet and get a shot which will abort the supposed puppies. My question is, how much time do you have after the "event" to do it? And would it be pointless if I can't keep them apart? Who knows the details?:faint:
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    Well..........I dunno about the shot. Didn't know they had one. Files that useful bit of information away for later use.

    But I do know they'll go ahead and spay her even if she's pregnant if difficult child doesn't want puppies.

    Do you have a crate for her? Can you get one? Borrow one? A metal one might be best. And go out and buy alot of raw hide bones, sounds like she's doing some heavy duty teething, or maybe anxiety chewing.

    Wow. Have you got patience.:faint:
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    Wow, patience is RIGHT.

    Just because the got together once, or even twice, doesn't guarantee it will "take". Especially if it's her first heat, I would think. I think Lisa's right about getting a crate and locking her up. Nevermind the puppies, you're not gonna have a house left if she keeps up these antics!
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    We had to get the shot for one of ours but it was years ago so I don't remember all the specifics or the timing. I'd be calling a vet first thing this morning. But the period of heat goes on for several weeks, so that doesn't mean he can't get her again after she gets the shot! From what I remember, the shot makes the period of heat continue and prevents implantation of the embryos if there are any. You definately need a crate to put a stop to the destruction - maybe the vet will loan you one. But dogs are very determined and it is entirely possible for them to be able to breed through the openings in a crate, especially a wire one. And many vets will NOT spay a dog while they're in heat - ours won't. There's a lot more to it and a much higher risk for complications to do the surgery if they're in heat.

    Your difficult child needs to get this dog spayed as soon as all this is over. Those shots do work but they take a big toll on the dogs sytem and most vets won't do it more than a time or two. It's not 'doggie birth control'.
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    I agree about getting the dog spayed. The idea that a person might want her to have a litter of puppies at some stage - nope, not environmentally responsible. It's also thinking in human terms, about a dog.

    As for the chewing - what about getting a kong? Stuff it with bits of raw meat (scraps of skirt steak or something) and she should spend hours chewing the kong instead of destroying the house. It deals with the boredom as well as the teething.