doing good at K camp, but at a cost...

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    V had a wonderful first 2 days. Ms. R kept him with her (instead of changing teacher like the other kids) because she was not willing to take a chance and ruin a successful start. V told me all what he learned about watermelons, the theme of the camp. That he has to use his manners. That it is SO MUCH better than daycare because he gets to do a lot more.
    When I picked him up today, he gave Ms. R a big hug (no other kid did that) and she told me that V looked at her during the morning and blurted out a big "I love you". :)
    I am so proud of him.
    on the other hand, last night he could not fall asleep and was quite anxious. He cried and said it was just too much today, too much going on.
    I know it is A LOT for him but I am glad the teachers are able to see his wonderful side first. How loving and caring he is. How good he wants to do.
    K-camp is only 3 hours and the school is empty... when it is 5x day for 6 hours and all grades in the buildings, I know V will struggle.
    Today and yesterday were good days, though.
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    This all sounds positive, Ktllc. Even the anxiety and then the going today anyway. Sounds like this Ms R is worth her weight in gold! Is she going to be V's teacher in the autumn?
    by the way, when is your evaluation with the big autism experts?
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    Ktllc, keep in mind that this is different for him and it is a big adjustment. I am glad he's doing well and that Ms R sees the REAL V. That is going to be huge when he does start school. Yes, the first few weeks of kindergarten are going to be an even bigger transition but once he gets used to the setting and the routine, he might just thrive. It's a good thing Ms R is going to be the constant to help with the transition. That will be HUGE for V.
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    Ms R is indeed a real jewel. She is so skilled and after talking to her not even 5 minutes, anyone would realize how passionate she is. She will be V's teacher for the year. I know she wanted V as her student (after teaching Partner) and I'm very glad the principal did not go against our mutual wish.
    V is on the waiting list for the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) evaluation since last March, but it could take up to 12 months! A LONG waiting list. Although I'm anxious for definite answers, there is no rush for a diagnosis. All players in V's life are doing their part and V is doing much better than when I first joined the forum. It will be nice though to not always wonder "is he or is he not?".
    It is a big transition but more than the transition, it will be the first time a teacher has some expectation of work/results. That worries me. V does not do well with that. Just yesterday at the pool, he went into to fight and cry mode when the swimming teacher pushed him a bit. She was quite surprise (not me. lol) because V is usually so good with her and sweet.
    A bit of understanding, some accomodations and lots of patience (the latter being the hard part for me.) seem to be the recipe. I hope she can do that and then I know V will thrive.
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    Ktllc....I know exactly how you feel......Thats why I wrote the post about my son not going on his first camp at school! My son wanted to do swimming so badly.....Then the teacher, who he knew... Said something that made him feel stupid....didnt read the context right.......And my difficult child never wanted to go back! :( very sad
    These kids really needs a teacher who will protect and look out for them! Thank the good Lord, my son had great teachers in school from grade 0-3!!!!!
    Please make sure they explain things to him in a way he understands!
    Hang in there! Hugs
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    Just remember that these are huge adjustments for kids, but epsecially more so for difficult child kids. Once school starts and he gets into the school routine and gets used to everything (the large number of kids, the noise, the schedule, going every day, the homework, etc) he will be okay. It may take a while. Just keep reassuring him and he will be okay.

    I'm glad to hear that the first two days of camp went so well for him. I know that as he gets used to it he will do better and better.