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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Zardo, Apr 27, 2013.

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    Ok - we're about 3 weeks home from rehab and into "probation/ suspended sentence". The first week was a challenge for difficult child - I think he was depressed about his situation and in denial about his responsibilities. After he settled down, things are going ok. He is going to school, applying for work, going to 3 AA meetings per week and his attitude and behavior at home are greatly improved. He is acting like part of the family. He is laughing and spending time with his sister. We are fortunate that he has a group of friends that are very supportive in his recovery. They spend lots of sober time with him, one is going to AA with him once a week and they are determined to be his friend the right way. In fact, some of these kids had rejected him when his use got bad and they immediately sought him out when he got back from rehab. I think their acceptance and forgiveness has been healing. So - one day at a time - we,re ok right now. He is still not pursuing an AA sponsor and probation has told him too - we,ll see what happens with that. I would love for him to have one, but I also think most teens are reluctant to do that and I am happy that he is at least doing the meetings without any push.
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    Sounds good so far! Nice that he has sober friends...that must be huge.
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    That's really positive news!!
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    This is REALLY good news. Crossing fingers!!! :)
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    Great news, one day at a time..when our difficult child came home we had rallied his positive peer group to be supportive, that's a big help , glad to hear he has positive peer support