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    Donna, I don't see you very often anymore. How are you doing? Did your son move in? How is it going? How are your adorable Bostons? How is LIFE?

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    Hi Suz! :salute: We're still here! Thanks for asking. I guess I don't really post that much, but I'm on here pretty much every day reading and keeping up with what everybody else is doing.

    My son has been here staying with me for about the last two months and it's working out very well. He's been really good about paying his "rent", although truthfully, I pretty much take what he gives me and just go buy more groceries with it! It's so strange ... it's like we're living in parallel universes in this house! I only see him a few minutes every day. He works nights and gets home maybe 15 minutes before I leave for work, and by the time I get home, he's gone again! He comes home, eats the dinner I fixed for him the night before, watches a little TV and goes to sleep! At least he's eating better now and not just a steady diet of vending machine junk like he used to eat ...:morecrackers: He works 11 or 12 hours a night, sometimes six days a week, and it's a 45-minute drive each way. So he mostly just eats, sleeps, drives, and works! And when he has a day off, he's either at the drag strip or he's working on the car that he's doing to drive at the drag strip! I try not to think about that part. But overall, I think he's happy and comfortable here and I enjoy having him here.

    And the Boston girls are fine. Ragan the "Allergy Queen" is still itchy but I'm going to start giving her Benadryl this weekend to see how she does on it - maybe it will help. We have some new (outside) kittens so she spends most of her time watching them through the back door. Kitty-watching is her hobby. And Ms. Katy is still the wild one, bouncing off the walls, goofy as ever and in to everything. I just spent three days looking for my favorite black bra and finally found it stuffed down between the sofa cushions where Katy stashes all her "treasures", so she's very high on my list of suspects.

    And as for me, I'm just hoping that one of the 2000 State jobs that they're talking about eliminating isn't mine! I don't think so, but you never know how these things will go. They're talking budget shortfalls and possible layoffs. Right now they're looking at retirement incentives for people that have thirty years in and hoping that they can talk 2,000 people in to it statewide - I won't be one of them but I'd like to nominate a few that I'd like to get rid of!

    So we're still hanging in there... Thanks for asking!