Donna723--Sad News


Crazy Cat Lady
Just to let you folks know that our dear friend of many years, Donna723, passed away after a short battle with cancer.

I do not have an address to which to send cards at this time.

Donna was a long-time member of this board, a good friend, and in general good people. I will miss her.


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Well shoot. I hope she didn't suffer and is resting peacefully. All of that find ourselves on here deserve that.


Crazy Cat Lady
From what her daughter said, she did go peacefully and without suffering. In retrospect, I think only the old-timers, many of which aren't on the board anymore, remember who Donna was.


Quid me anxia?
Somewhereoutthere, she worked in the TN prison system and loved Boston terriers. She was a long time member, always ready to give advice to those of us whose kids were in trouble with the law.