Don't know what to do


Daughter is 14 bio polar and appears to currently be medication compliant. She had a couple weeks where she wasn't taking her medications. She absolutely refuses to follow rules no matter what consequences we give her. She is not a child that has never had consequences until now, she has. She has always been the more difficult of our kids. Always pushing limits, always testing to see where you'd snap, always debating everything. She is strong willed, high strung, wants to live life her way according to how she sees fit. She dances at the edge of everything, every limit, some laws, every rule. It's like she enjoys getting in trouble and the negative attention. We have always given positive attention, but it's like she wants drama even though she says it makes life harder for her and everyone.

She realizes her behavior causes her a lot of problems, but she doesn't want to put forth effort to make lasting changes. She gives attempts at it and maintains for a few weeks maybe a couple months then she just decides it's to hard and quits. She only follows the rules she wants to follow, the ones she agrees with and doesn't think are stupid in her 14 year old world. I'm at a loss as to what to do with her right now.