Don't leave stoneware on the stove!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Mar 8, 2009.

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    Yep, I no longer have my newest piece of stoneware. husband bought me a round stone with "handles" on it for Christmas. I may even loose a large rectangle with sides - time will tell!

    difficult child asked me if he should make hot chocolate the long way (teapot on stove) or the short way (microwave). I told him whatever way he wanted.

    I had washed both the round and the rectangle and placed them on the stove to dry (the rectangle on top of the round). They were on the largest round cooking coils.

    I just walked out into the hallway and smelled something starting to burn. I went into the kitchen and there was a little wisp of smoke coming from the stove top. I could see the round stone cracked in several places underneath the rectangle.

    difficult child had turned on the wrong burner! So so easy to do - I have done it myself. I cringe when I go to people's homes where they put their purse or anything else non cookware on their stove. I shouldn't have left the stones there.

    difficult child is upset - I told him not to worry, I am not mad. He just needs to know this happened so he can try to prevent it next time - maybe take everything off the stove before turning on a burner. I have a Pampered Chef party to attend next week and can get a new one. I don't know if my rectangle one will survive this!
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    Andy, thanks for sharing! This is good to know-I have several Pampered Chef stoneware pieces (love them) and used to keep them on the stovetop-won't do that anymore-I've been storing them on the top of the refrigerator. I'm sorry yours ended up cracked. I remember one time when difficult child had a babysitter and he accidentally dropped my rectangular stoneware pizza pan and it broke. I bought another one soon after.
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    i am sorry Andy. It is a good thing no one got hurt and nothing caught on fire.

    I used to use a jelly roll pan with terra cotta tiles (unglazed) from lowes to bake things on. Frozen pizza worked especially well.

    Cookies, etc.. were tougher because the cracks between the tiles.

    Good thing you are getting a new one at the party. You can also check eBay or the pampered chef website.

    Can't use mine anymore. Too heavy to lift. But they are great to cook on.