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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by DenitaS, Sep 22, 2008.

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    Have you ever just been at the end of your rope and thought that nothing will help??
    We went to visit DD1 (difficult child 1) yesterday and NOTHING has changed. She tells me she is taking the baby to TX in Dec. no matter what. We tried to explain to her that this is not her option anymore. I just have this gut feeling that she is going to come home and shortly after they are going to remove her and put her in a Residential Treatment Center (RTC)??? I just don't know that there is anything more that we can do.
    I know we are not supposed to give up on our children but........
    At this point our concern is our grandson and doing what is best for him.
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    i don't know the full story, I haven't read your other posts im sorry. sounds like you have alot on your plate and for that i am sorry.

    yet the comment you made about doing what's best for your grandson in the situation i could totally appreciate and understand.

    how old is your daughter if you don't mind me asking.
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    It sounds like you might be better off letting other powers-that-be explain all that to her. Is she in the psychiatric hospital right now? When is she supposed to come home?

    When my son isn't stabilized, he can get a little delusional. He once told me that he would be moving out the next day to get a job and an apartment. (He was 12 yo). At first, I thought he was being defiant, then I relaized that he really said that with too much conviction and 20 mins later, he was saying something completely different. My point is, I wouldn't worry too much just yet about her saying things like that if she's in the psychiatric hospital getting stabilized on medications. Even if she really means it, I would think someone will be talking to her about what is realistic.
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    Jennifer - My daughter is 16
    KLMNO - Yes, she is in the hospital and I HOPE that they can work with her on this. I do want her home but, she is so defiant I don't think she will follow anything that anyone gives to her. She is supposed to be released in 1 - 2 wks. She is IRRATE that I left her there over the 72 hour hold.
    This is her 3rd hospitilization and the others didn't work. The 2nd one they told me that I should make other arrangements for her that her coming home would not do any good for anyone. So, she moved out, got pregnant and came back home in Dec. She was actually somewhat sane while she was pregnant. She had the baby in June and by July she went haywire again. She HATES taking medications and doesn't think that she needs them. I just can HOPE at this point.
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    Is the baby with you or with your dtr? If the baby is with you, could you file for custody? I know others have tried this, some with success many not. Your difficult child is younger than the others I am thinking of. Try posting on the Parent board, they usually have older kids, over 18, but they may be of more help in this situation. Hugs, and hang in there.
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    I immediately thought, file for custody, too.
    I'd talk to an atty asap.
    Do what's best for the baby.
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    The baby is currently with us. WE have temporary custody of him. They are going to try to work with her so that she can get him back once she gets stable. (the state took him for neglect!) However, his dad has said that he has an atty and will be fighting for him (not a good option either) My husband and I agree that if it comes to it, we will fight for custody. His dad took off when he was a few months old and went back to TX. He has not helped out financially AT ALL!!! So, with any luck.
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    Best of luck.
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    Correction: I meant few weeks old. He also has a domestic violence charge against him from our county (against my daughter)