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    daughter started taking the generic form of Tenex about a week ago. Yesterday was her first day of school. She was super tired, took a nap the past couple days, had a headache, and one minor nosebleed (she's had a couple other nosebleeds before medications, as well as a couple of migraines). She was only at 1/2 a pill twice a day. doctor wants her to go up to 1 pill twice a day. We have an appointment in 6 days. Since we didn't see much change in her when she took 1/2 a pill only at night, and a ton when she did 1/2 twice a day, we decided to take away the nighttime pill and see if she can just go with 1/2 in the mornings.

    Has anybody used this in the past and been able to get by with a smaller dose? Does the body get used to it and we'll have to ramp it up anyway? She's skinny, but of average-tall height and her nutritional blood test came back okay. I haven't taken her BiPolar (BP), but have felt her pulse and it felt fine. I have to go get a prescrip for me today and will try to find a BiPolar (BP) machine there.

    She said her math yesterday was easy and she actually did her homework before I got home (although it was easy too). I'm really hoping this works.
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    Hey, Sandy. It has literally been a decade or so ago that the boys took Tenex but it really helped both of them. Since I am "out of date" I just wanted to make sure you knew that Tenex has to be titrated up and down in increments. Our younger difficult child was taken off Tenex cold turkey by a Pediatrian and ended up in the hospital with BiPolar (BP) problems for a couple of days. We really benefitted from the medication but the new Dr. didn't know what she was doing and the boys biomom didn't tell me about the change until difficult child was in need of help. Hope it helps you too. DDD
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    difficult child 1 takes 1 mg at bedtime and it helps calm him enough to fall asleep. We tried 1/2 mg in the morning but that didn't help much but because of his blood pressure being in the low normal range, they didn't want to increase it. If we didn't need it for sleep, I would have loved to have tried 1mg in the morning to see if it helped.

    Hope it helps.
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    I don't know anything about Tenex, but do know how you feel. I want to do a lot of tinkering and hate to wait 6 wks for appts!
    The doctors don't have to go home with-these kids so it's easy for them to give it to you and not have to deal with-it until the next appointment. We see every little change.
  5. My son started on 1/2 of a 1.0mg tablet at bedtime and after a few weeks they increased the dose to a full tablet. After several months of seeing no effect, it was discontinued.
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    husband just texted me and said he gave her a few dollars for helping him in the yard. He's NEVER said that. Would it be too soon to really see any results? Or is this just what happens?
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    I found tenex very helpful for mood. It is critical it be taken the same way every day. I believe it is a medication u see an immediate change with. I did with my difficult child.