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    Hi all. I'm not sure of the rules here yet, but I was looking up the book many of you recommended and I found a website where he and his colleague offer a chance to view a recorded seminar focused on his views about how to alleviate maladaptive behavior.

    I won't share the website, but I bought the rights to view it for 30.00 and am able to view this seminar for the next 7 days and will offer the website and my password to any of you who are interested in watching it too.

    Please email me personally. Can I include my email here? If not, just edit me and erase it. I'm not sure how you look it up otherwise. It's [email protected]

    I learned a great deal in the hour and 18 minutes of the pre-recorded seminar. Really. It's mostly about why kids who have issues misbehave, why yelling, spanking, charts, rewards, etc. really do not work, and what to do instead (his plan B).