Dr Phil and Casey Anthony Parents

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  1. Nomad

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    DON'T want to get in to tooooo many details of the these shows.

    My main question is at the bottom.

    I missed the first show with them on. I saw the last 1/2 hour of the second show.

    In the second show it seemed that the mother (Cindy) is still in denial. She also indicated that she think if God allowed the verdict to come back not guilty, then her daughter must really not be guilty. However, she (the mother) also in the same breath agreed that her daughter knew about deceased grandaughter being in the woods and was likely to somehow have been a part of placing her there. She seem to be making excuses for many things.
    The father, on the other hand, seem to me to be questionning everything...especially the theories presented by the defense. He, in so many words, said that too many things didn't add up and didn't make sense.
    They both looked very sad and to be grieving.

    My main question is: Has Dr. Phil announced when the final airing of this will be? I do not think it is today. I believe there is a third and final part.

    Thank you.
  2. KTMom91

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    I have the shows recorded but haven't watched them yet. I'll take a look and see if it's announced.
  3. donna723

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    Nomad, I saw both parts of the show and he did say there was a third part that would be aired soon but they did not give an exact date.

    I don't think Cindy Anthony will ever come out of her denial. She's grasping at straws, making excuse after excuse for Casey (seizures, hormones, possible brain tumor, etc.), insisting that she was a good mother. She just will not allow herself to ever believe that her daughter killed her granddaughter because that would be unbearable to her. The most that she would admit was that if the little girl had drown in the pool, Casey could possibly have had something to do with leaving the body in the woods but she thinks that if she did, that others were in on it with her. She's in such deep denial that if it's ever proven to her that Casey killed Caylee, that lady is going to crash and burn!

    I think George Anthony has a much better grasp on the situation than Cindy does, maybe because he's a former police officer. And that man is obviously heartbroken over the loss of his granddaughter, really devastated! I think he was giving her the benefit of the doubt by saying that he thinks Casey probably drugged her in the trunk of the car to keep her quiet while she partied, and then something went wrong and she died, but he clearly believes that Casey was responsible for the little girls death.
  4. Mattsmom277

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    Part 1 and 2 were yesterday and today. The final part is airing this coming Monday.
  5. donna723

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    Mattsmom, you may get the shows on a different schedule than we do. Here they showed part one on Tuesday and part two on Wednesday. They may have announced it at the end of today's show but my satellite went out on that channel and I missed the last twenty minutes of the show.
  6. Nomad

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    Donna...I agree with your take on it. The wife has too many defenses up to cope with it all.
    I think the father is at a different place and is more aware/realistic.
    I also think he would like to say more, but is sparring his wife and might also have a few defenses up himself. I think he likely thinks the worse (and has all but said it) but it's just too horrendous to utter everything on his mind. They are both horribly confused and in tremendous pain.

    KT and Mattsmom....We saw it here on the east coast Tues. and Wed. I might tape the episodes for the next week or so.
    I'll keep a special eye out for it Monday. Thank you.
  7. Mattsmom277

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    I'm getting my days messed up. It was also aired here Tues and Wed. And the final program is scheduled for Monday. Oops!
  8. DammitJanet

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    yes monday. i have my dvr set. george is set to do one on one with dr phil
  9. Nancy

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    I was so disgusted when Cindy said she prayed during the trial that god would send her a sign if she was guilty she wouldgo to jail and when the verdict came back not guilty that god found her not guilty and that was good enough for her. So I guess the jury didn't have anything to do with it. She is so in denial it made me sick. I imagine George must feel pretty alone in that house.

  10. keista

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    Didn't watch. Am not going to watch. I got sick enough seeing the commercial loop of Cindy saying what an AMAZING mother Casey was.

    What? no barfing smiley? :groan:
  11. 1905

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    I'll never watch any of that. They won't say what they really think, they will still want the rest of the world to believe the fantasy. They're liars, I wonder how much they got paid for this.
  12. donna723

    donna723 Well-Known Member

    Supposedly, they got paid nothing!
  13. Nomad

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    I also heard they got paid nothing, but did ask for the Dr. Phil show to make a donation to the Casey Anothony Fund. (Not sure of the details, etc.) Correction: Caylee Fund
    Although Cindy was pretty much the same as before, the father (George) sure was different. He basically said (kind of implied) that he thought there was a possibility that Casey drugged Caylee and accidentally killed her. He said that he didn't believe the arguments of the defense and also said that many things didn't add up. The mom was making excuses, etc., but he did not agree with those excuses and at least in one case, said something in direct opposition to what the mom said when she was making her excuses.
    Further discussion with the father (who seems about to pop/say what he REALLY thinks) might be VERY interesting.
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  14. donna723

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    I don't think the fund they're talking about has anything to do with Casey. It may be a Caylee Anthony fund. I thought they said it was going to be some kind of organization to aid in the search for missing children and that neither Cindy, George or Casey will derive any kind of financial benefits or income from it.
  15. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Donna, I also agree with your take. I am sure they would claim the family got no benefit from the fund because if they did then no one would pay into it. I feel the most sorry for the dad and brother. esp the brother - the parents pretty much have ignored him and didn't do anything to stand up for him when Casey said all that koi about him. Heck, by choosing to believe Casey is innocent she is pretty much turning her back on him - and I think that has happened a lot in his life. She caused problems and got attention and he got none for being pretty normal/easy child. I hope he can separate and build his own family with his wife and learn to heal from this.

    I hope that the dad can eventually heal also. I am sure Cindy is all over him any time he says he thinks Casey drugged the baby so she could party. How anyone gets God and a jury mixed up I don't know. The idea that God said she didn't do it because the verdict was not guilty is about as rational as when my aunt said that when God wanted her kids to go to church then He would see to it that they behaved well during mass.

    I reallly hope George does have a mistress. Someone who understands his grief and can give him some solace and support. I just don't see Cindy doing it - she just doesn't seem capable of dealing with reality or anyone who does deal with reality.
  16. DammitJanet

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    Cindy isnt in the real world and you could tell it clear as day. George on the other hand, comes across as someone who was pretty much forced by his wife and that slimy lawyer to toe the family line during trial and is clearly unhappy that he did it. I can understand being so torn between not wanting to send your daughter to jail for life but also being completely violently mad at her for taking your only granddaughters life. I have a feeling that the lawyer only dealt with Cindy because I have no doubt that George would have gone off on them. You saw how he reacted to Biaz. There was no love lost there.

    I do think that George has a pretty good idea what happened and he is not okay with Cindy blathering on in her fantasy world. From the bits and pieces I saw on the show, what he is going to say are going to be quite telling. Not what Casey would want us to know.
  17. Nomad

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    Donna thank you for correcting that. I get their names mixed up...esp. when typing fast...which I often do here. :twister2:(Photo of my life lately! LOL!)

    It is interesting how it seems (so hard to tell for sure) that George is very reluctant to speak up and/or speak in opposition to his wife.
    On one hand, I understand this because I think in a marriage it is probably a good idea to hesitate to do this. But given the severe nature of the subject matter, the great damage caused at the trial, the damage caused to him (George) and the son, WELLL..enough is enough already.

    Susie, very good point about basically throwing the son under the bus. Of course we don't know the entire/full story (always a danger). However, how many times have we talked at this site to be careful that when there is a difficult child in the family, not to forget about the other children and their needs.

    I think of this as one of those learning/growth experiences. Horribly painful, but if open to it (and maybe George is) one can grow from it and come out a little better on the other side.

    IT is interesting, but not surprising, to me that it took a psychologist, to get George to be more forthcoming.

    Cindy....well...who knows what is going to go on with her or how long it is going to go on.
  18. Malika

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    Is it possible to see this interview online (for those few of us without access to US television :) )?
  19. TerryJ2

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    I didn't see the show but read the contents online. I agree with-everyone. It's great that George actually is coming to grips with-the idea that Casey may have drugged her daughter so she could party, and then had someone hide the body in the woods.
    Sigh. What a royal mess.
  20. TerryJ2

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