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  1. klmno

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    Has anyone heard from her lately?? I wonder how you are doing and if you're ok.....if you are lurking, please check in!!
  2. Hound dog

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    I think dreamer can lurk, but she can't post. She does online via her cell phone. I talk to her often on facebook. She's doing well, except for the appliance wars. lol All her appliances are dying.....she's had to fix them one by one. Awful. But it's turning her into Mrs. Fixit. :)
  3. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Meant to add....

    I'll let her know you were wondering how she is. Maybe she can "post" and update by sending it to me in a message and I could copy/past it here for her.
  4. rejectedmom

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    Lisa you are a good friend to do that for her. We all would like to know how she is. -RM
  5. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Sent dreamer the message. Should hear from her shortly. : )
  6. dreamer

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    ok I'm gonna see if this will work. :) not only are my appliances being difficult children but my durn cell phone caught a virus yesterday ! omg! & the server had to reset it entirely & I now have no contacts photos phone #s addys or fav websites etc. grrr. & yes I have difficulty I think with cookies? when I try to post but I do lurk. hugs to so many from me to you & welcome so many newbies!let's see-difficult child turns 21 in a mere couple weeks. time flies but on the other hand it also was a Long Hard road & no end in sight. she's home struggle ongoing to overcome panic so as to take GED. shees had the knowledge now several years but panic stops her breathing still & she passes out & gets hives in spite of several ged rehearsals. no she does not drive. she's mostly agoraphobic but I'm grateful she's never been violent. easy child finished medical transcription & has one semester after this for assoc degree & she's now planning her next education step. She's proved to be a better mother than I could have dreamed (tho I thought shed do fine-shes flexible resilient & smart) & this baby OMG such a joy. he & gramma & grammas doggie are best friends & playmates. my son joined civil air patrol & loves it with a passion I never saw in him. sadly he's having difficulty with the physical demands but he's hanging in & trying hard & loving it & he's now thinking if any military branch will have him in spite of one eye & the mild cp - that's what he wants to do. we have been reminding him they mite not want him but..... well he's due for follow up to eye surg & he's now ready for his eye prosthesis but...im embarrassed to admit the violence in chicago by his careprovider scares me & lingering problems with survivors guilt from when we were at Ronald McDonald house have prevented me from scheduling. :-( husband -well VA can be lax in aftercare & husband can live in denial &prefers to live under a rock. his heart attack seems a distant memory to him & he is again doing PS2 24-7 & gets ugly if we are near. I finally got a double dumpster & am right now filling I
  7. dreamer

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    I'm filling this double dumpster. our house is very very tiny....900 sq ft. from 89 to 2000 I worked 80-120 hours a week as a nurses aide & the as many of you remember I was a quadriplegic. dureing that time my house got trashed & filled & its SO gross....i scraped & paid for a dumpster this week & we've been literally shoveling to boxes to dumpster. almost done & somehow I'm going to take my unfinished basement & try to make us more room-difficult cuz I have no $ at all none. but.....well do what we can. the worst is to sleep there legally we need egress & our house has only 1 bathroom.....so it will take creativity. but.......LOL. the dumpster thing is beyond embarrassing gross disgusting. its depressing filthy sad-even heartbreaking-the ruined personal treasures. but more room & cleanliness is liberating & exciting. & very needed. thank you for asking about me. :)
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    Good to see you dreamer. Overall a positive update. Glad things are going fairly well. I think regardless of the amount of room one has, they tend to fill it up with useless, outdated junk. Cleaning it out is therapeutic to say the least.
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    Hey, Dreamer! Thanks for checking in! And thank you, Lisa, for contacting her!

    I'm glad to hear you're hanging in there- are you sure it isn't you spreading this virus to all your equipment somehow? LOL! It sounds like you are doing pretty well, even if you're still a little frustrated. Sometimes having a home project can help keep one motivated and feeling better. Keep popping in ocassionally, ok? I worry about you if it goes too long!!
  10. Hound dog

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    Cool dreamer! It worked. :D

    (I'd never be able to figure out how to post that way lol)

  11. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Hi Dreamer -

    I have NO idea HOW you are doing what you do - But if you are able to part with ANYTHING - could you PUHLEASEEEEEEE come here and help my DF? OMG I'll come help YOU if you come here and make HIM part with anything. I'm having to sneak things out in my car when he's asleep and then drive off in a mad dash to get them to the Salvation army or Good will .....it's been just about as bad here. But I'm finally seeing floor. lol So I hear ya sister! Once I found the living room and it stayed clutter free? It's been like heaven....and I actually enjoy things more....MY TIME.

    Hope to see you around here more. Lisa is a lovely person isn't she?

    Hugs & Love
  12. tiredmommy

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    So happy to see an update from you. :)
  13. Abbey

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    Good to hear from you, girl. I had no idea a cell could get a virus. I don't go on the net with mine so I guess I'm ok. I suppose I'll start worrying if it starts sneezing.

  14. dreamer

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    I didn't know a cell could either & yeah it was sneezing LOL. its a palm centro- phone pda & goes online. I got it dirt cheap.(discontinued model I've had approx a year now) need a PhD to use it-or a mob of teens.... LOL. my furnace air cond washer dishwasher coffee maker um what else all went beserk. sammymite have had swine & all of us....but they're not testing or treating here now. so were all kind yuk.as for anyone parting with-things I got blunt-the baby had nowhere literally to play. noone haad anywhere to sit. plus we had several floods etc & well frankly too much of our treasures sat that way nearly 2 decades........soggy disintegrated lumps of rank moldy mush unrecognizable. of course making us low grade ill always I'm sure. my husband is a secret hoarder & procrastinator & truth literally only does ps 2 even not stopping to eat sleep etc- but very against this cleanout. my saving grace is years ago my husband sorta helped me out of a very violent abusive situation & ever since he does always eventually defer to me. plus he adores the 2 kids friends who came to help & I think he was letting go becuz they were here?plus- husband lives in liv room & has for 20 yrs- but were going to create him a space -so the rest of us can come & go without throwing husband into catatonia or anger. so he finally conceded-but we worked thru his tirade & fugue-stepping around him holding OUR focus in spite of poor husband. of course he claims to feel injured LOL but at same time he's starting to get excited about haveing his own space. of course difficult child spun on her own axis but it was productive-even if she was little help with-main project. she yanked HER rank carpet & did some personal decluttering. very overdue. on a side note- I got CARDED buying cigs today! LOL