Drug Binge


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My son got into a argument with his dad & left his house Friday. One of his dad rules was that when he got paid he needed to put some money aside to save . The last few times he got paid , he hasn’t given his dad any money to save & his dad could see my sons mood changing, which we know is signs of him using. Anyway the argument on Friday was about money , he refused to give his dad any , he was in rush to leave the house after work & was on computer messaging people & refused to listen to his dad to get off ,when his step mom got involved & just unplugged the computer my son left . His dad went on the computer after he left & checked the messages & it was my son trying to get cocaine. As of now from all the messages since Friday he’s been doing cocaine all weekend, not sure he’s even slept . We know he is at a old girlfriend house & acourse once again lost another good job. I’m sure he’ll be contacting his dad soon , once he runs out of money & to get his clothes , not sure how that will go & I don’t think his dad will give him another chance to live there so he will be back to being homeless. Court is next week , who knows if he will even go.


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Hugs. It is so hard to watch them spiral out of control. Hopefully he shows up for court. If not, eventually he will get arrested. But, in our community they don't typically go looking for them.

Be firm if he contacts you. You know your other children do not need to ge put in this situation.



100% better than I was but not at 100% yet

I'm so sorry to hear this new development but not surprised. Your son isn't ready to turn his life around yet and he is still on the wrong path as you know.

My husband and I were talking about this over the weekend. We went out of town for one night (only a few hour drive from home) and just talked out how he'd get out of one pickle (thanks to our help/encouragement) and right into another one, a worse one, until we just didn't care anymore. Well we did care, but you know what I mean. He was just not "getting it".

I remember my therapist saying that everything you taught your son is still there. All the values and morals and honesty etc. I was like "REALLY???".

I honestly could not even believe that a tiny bit - that ANY of this was in his brain as he was doing everything the complete opposite of what he was taught. The biggest one was NOT learning from his mistakes!!!

So what I'm saying is hang in there, don't give up HOPE. Take care of yourself and your littles and pray. A lot. I don't know how we DO this but we have to do this. We have no other choice. You cannot let him destroy YOU and it will if you don't work hard not to let it.

Cyber hugs and strength coming your way.