Drug could get into the autistic mind

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    Drug could get into the autistic mind - New Scientist

    Can people with autism take a pill to improve their social skills? For the first time, drugs are being tested that could address the social difficulties associated with autism and other learning disorders by tackling some of the brain chemistry thought to underlie them.

    The only drugs currently prescribed to people with autism seek to dampen aggression and anxiety. The new drugs, now in the very early stages of clinical testing, address some of the classic symptoms of autism.

    "People may learn more, learn to speak better, learn social skills and to be more communicative," says Randall Carpenter of Seaside Therapeutics in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which is testing one of the drugs.
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    Interesting. Especially since autism is supposed to be neurological. This would be a lifelong drug one would have to take, I would assume.
    I'm glad so many groups are actively working on this.