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    This is a generic question...

    Does anybody have some good links to reliable information about medications and reactions and side effects?
    There's a raft of little things I'd like to look up - but I'm not finding the info I need, on sites that are both public and accurate/trustworthy.

    If the info is dependent on types of medications, then I'm looking at stims and APs and SSRIs

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    Insane, I just look up each individual medication. I usually start with nih.gov which pops up first, and then hunt down forums or blogs for personal experiences because those are more often than not more informative for negative issues.
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    Thanks. CrazyMeds gave me what I was looking for... at least, for 2 out of 3, and the other one was WAY down on the possible-problems list...
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    rxlist.com is good, too.