drugs/bipolar disorder


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I'm new here. I have a 15 year old daughter with bi-polar disorder. She does drugs, alcohol, doesn't come home at night, and participates in risky sexual behavior. Does anyone have any advice? She been inpatient at a physchiatric facility, done outpatient therapy, she's medicated. I can't find a girls home that will take her because of the suicide risk. I don't even know which forum to post this on.


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Hi and welcome. We're sorry you have to be here....but you've found a great place to ask questions, vent your thoughts and feelings, and hopefully become more empowered. We share our experiences as well as our joys.

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Don't know if this site will help you or not...I remember looking and calling when I was in a similar situation.

Posting helps us to get through each day.



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You are in the right place as far as support and advice. Your story sounds like many here. Welcome!!

Tell us a little more about your story and hopefully there will be others along shortly who have been there and done that.


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My daughter doesn't have bipolar, but I do suspect ADHD. She was a big time drug abuser. Can you please give us more information? That will help us direct you.


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HI Charlotte and welcome. Charlotte has always been one of my favorite names. :smile:
I'm sorry you are dealing with this but at least you know what you are dealing with (the BiPolar (BP)). It took me years to get my son diagnosed although deep inside I knew he was BiPolar (BP).
Since she is so young, it is difficult to detach completely because legally you are still responsible for her.
Any trouble with the law?
I would say that ongoing therapy is what is needed. No ifs, ands or buts...
It doesn't stop once they leave the hospital.


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Hi Charlotte:

I have experienced what you are describing.
I do not have one bit of advice except to tell you that you must save yourself. Start practicing detachment. It will not be easy but you have to for your own sanity. You see....they suck the life from you, over and over again, especially the druggies....
I'm sorry to sound so blunt about it but right now my darling difficult child is in the midst of another relapse. Your daughter will start to make progress when you stop helping her....the progress will be slow and for every step forward there will be two steps backward.
Try Narcanon or Families Anonymous for support as well. This is a great place that you have found. We do understand....and will talk to you about all of it, because we have been thru it all!



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It is nice to know that others understand what I'm going through. I sure wish there was some positive feedback though. It's a litte disheartening to hear "detach" "save yourself".
I want to save her, not me. But I know what you're saying. Ultimately it's all up to her and all I can do is try to help as long as I can.


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Charlotte, eventually you will learn that by saving yourself, you are enabling her to save herself. You have no power over her choices. You can only control what you do! I would suggest finding an Al-anon or Family Anonymous Group---they can help teach you the skills you will need to detach. Deatching is not easy, but it is less painful than beating your head against the big wall that is addiction and mental illness!