DS had first counseling session

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    DS was having an off day yesterday. Lots of yellling, tantrums and self harm. The counselor came for her first visit with DS and he really showed his true colors. It was a good thing in a way because both the counselor and her supervisor agreed that DS needs much more than 1 hour a week of help. They are putting a referral for intensive treatment that allows up to seven hours a week.
    First goal will involve teaching DS coping skills so we can move on to helping the behaviors.
    They are asking for goals I would like to see and what DS' strengths are. It should be easy to answer but it seems so difficult. I don't see strengths, I only see what is difficult.
    Hopefully improvements will come before September because right now I'm dreading sending DS back to school. IEP testing will be getting done but that gap in time is going to be stressful.

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    Hi there.
    It's great you are able to get public services!
    Is he getting any Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) interventions, say, at school?
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    Glad that you will be getting more services. I'm sure that is a relief. Here's hoping that provides some of the help he needs. Hugs. DDD
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    Melissa, it's always good when the experts can see our kids in action. There is simply no way to explain it all unless someone sees them. Bravo!
    I know you were exhausted and possibly embarrassed, but it was the right thing to have happen.
    I'm so glad he will be getting more services.
    And I know what you mean about not seeing any strengths. I went through a lot of that with-my son.
    If you stand back and look at your son, just watch him, with-o becoming involved say, for about an hr or even 1/2 a day if you can, you will be surprised at the strengths you didn't know he had. Maybe he's very verbal (strangely enough, after 4 yrs of screaming his head off, my son suddenly started to talk and oftentimes, doesn't shut up and pesters the h*ll out of me, following me around, repeating and repeating things!! and now he's actually very good at descriptions and detail. When he feels like it, of course :) ) Or maybe he's into animals. Or computers.
    One thing you can do, since he's got a sibling who is a toddler, is tell him to help his brother learn to eat with-a fork, or tie his shoes, or something, and tell him that he's older so he can teach him. Also, tell him not to expect his little brother to master the skill right away, because he's only 3. Just so your difficult child doesn't lose his temper, Know what I mean??
    Just some ideas ...