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    Star* call 911

    Our American Bulldog that had surgery for the rubber duck removal, had a seizure last night. Lasted about 1 minute, stiffened up, eyes rolled back in his head, messed himself a bit - then he was addle-headed for about 3 minutes and seemed otherwise fine. DF said he was shaking him the entire time, calling his name - but nothing until he finally just sat up, panting.

    I called the E.R. and they said nothing really could be done, but to watch him. I sat up all night with him, and other than the odd behavior of seeming anxious and panting heavily at times? He didn't seize anymore.

    This morning we were the first couple at the vets. For about a month and 1/2 now he's been panting heavily on and off, with some whining that he normally doesn't do. He's the big galoot, laid back kid in the bunch. We've watched it - checked him out for ears, allergies, nose to tail - nothing. He's neutered so thoughts of scenting a female and all that were possible, but not likely. He just has seemed very anxious but not addlebrained.

    The vet suspects brain tumor as a first thought, but since there were no stroke like symptoms leading up to the seizure? He's puzzled. They took blood, and we followed him around with a pan for a urine sample. When Casper wouldn't give one? They sent me home with a specimine bottle. Jokingly I told the vet tech at check out "Well it's going to be pretty tough for DF to get that sample in here, but I'll tell him to get as close to the dog as he can." - I got a raised eyebrow look from the girl that knows me and the new tech piped up and said "OH but you need to follow him around with a styrofoam bowl or cup or something then put it into the specimine container not have your husband get the dog to pee in the cup." I looked her in the eye as serious as I could (tongue in cheek) then said "You know that, and I know that, but we're not going to tell HIM that.....ARE WE?" regular tech knows I'm kidding - now new tech thinks I'm meanest dog owner alive. lol

    Anyway - if you have any ideas? I'm open - I did notice when I took up their den bedding that Caspies fleece padding smells a little like pee so I'm thinking maybe kidney infection? The vet gave me hyrdo-something for anxiety. lol - when I asked for something for anxiety our wonderful vet said "For Casper or you?" - If only. :flirtysmile3:

    Thanks if you got this far.
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    Awww poor baby. :(

    I'm guessing they checked him for twisted bowel? (guessing he was checked since he has hx of eating things not good for him)

    I've never attempted to get a urine sample from a dog. lol I'm guessing it's probably harder than from an infant. If Casper is a hiker though.....I'd be opting for a clean/new bucket than a cup or bowl. :rofl:

    Might be kidney infection though. I mean it can do such things in people so no doubts it can to dogs as well and probably faster.

    Hope you figure out what it is soon and it can be treated easily.

  3. Shari

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    disposable aluminum 9x13 cake pan for the pee catch. If you can rub it in a stranger-dog's pee spot in the yard, that encourages it a bit, too.

    husband's heeler had a siezure last summer. Hasn't had one before or since. Vet said sometimes it just happens. hopefully, its nothing.
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    Oh, Starbie... It must be the season for animal problems...

    I never tried to get a urine sample from a dog before. Hmm... Good luck?

  5. jal

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    How worrisome. I hope he's feeling better. Could he have epilepsy? I have a co-worker whose dog is epileptic and requires daily medication.
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    My cousin was very upset when his vet retired because he got all HIS medical care from her - including anxiety medications.

    I hope it's nothing serious. And that it doesn't happen again. Watching a furbaby have a seizure and not being able to help them is such a horrible thing to go through.

    I'll keep You, DF and Casper in my prayers. And good luck vibes being sent for DF and his catching abilities.
  7. Jena

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    i'm sorry another bad pet story today sheesh

    i'd give him vitamin B, a deficieny in that can cause seizures in dogs. than small frequent meals throughout day, healthy junk scrambled eggs, hard boiled eggs, etc. lots of water and alot of walks extra.

    try that see if it works itself out. pet stores usually have the dog vitamin b if not get regular and just look up dosing for him

    good luck!!! ((hugs)) hope he's ok tonight
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    I've heard of a lot of dogs that had seizures and the vets don't get too excited about it unless they become more frequent. Some dogs can get epilipsy too, just like people, and they can be put on seizure medications, just like people. I know it's a lot easier said than done, and I would probably be hysterical if it were one of mine, but try not to get too worried if it was just one seizure. He may never have another one, but if he does, then back to the vet with him!
  9. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Thanks all -

    Gave Casp 2 pills and he's sleeping soundly - and a lot less anxiety ridden. As far as the urine sample? Well this is our kid that won't even poo if you are watching him out the kitchen window. I'm not even joking a little. So we all went out front to play and I took a disposable cup. When he stopped to potty I ran over and the minute I did? He stopped, looked at me like I was crazy and slinked off. DF just rolled.....I asked if he could do any better and handed him the cup. No takers. So I pretended to throw toys and play again and once again - Casper dodged off to potty and I pretended to pick up the toy and ran over with the cup and this time pretended to drop the toy, but threw the cup into the stream, and was successful. Casper was none to happy about it, but I noticed it was very dark urine and smelled foul. Something I wouldn't have noticed otherwise.

    I told the tech when we went in. Also there is nothing you can do for seizures. Just let them go. I did ask if it could be - hoping so - a freak thing, crossed or short circuited moment and vet said quite possibly. He reminded me this behemoth is nine....not eight - nine. I said we DIVIDE by three not multiply by seven in our house. (sigh) I guess now we just wait for the test results from the lab. (snicker) Hope its not a LAB - or if it is - a really bright one.
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    Hope your furbaby feels better, and you get some answers on hm soon. Hugs.
  11. DammitJanet

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    Star, we have had two dogs that have had make that three. Two of them were beagles. One of them just had one seizure out of the blue one day and never had another one that we ever saw. The other beagle had seizures every time she got pregnant so we couldnt breed her. We learned that because she had a couple of seizures the first time she was pregnant, then was fine. Then we let her get pregnant again and sure enough...the seizures came we got her fixed.

    Now maybe 9 months little dog Buddy, the Havanese, he got up on my bed and started the shaking, tongue thing, eyes rolling back, and panting thing. Scared me to death. Considering he eats everything he can get his mouth on I didnt know what it could be. I thought he was dying. But in just a few minutes he was okay just a little dazed. I called Jamie and he said it sounded like he had a seizure. I said it did to me too. I dont have a vet so I just watched him. He has been fine. Nothing has been wrong with at all since then. They say these little dogs can live to be 17 years old. Egads...he is about 4 now! Gosh knows what he is going to get into in the next 13 years!
  12. HaoZi

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    I've seen dogs develop epilepsy as they got older and had to be on medications for them just like humans. Usually phenobarbital. Hope vet gets it figured out and fixed soon. He didn't eat something toxic, did he? Or should I presume they x-ray him for eaten stuff every time he comes in?
  13. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Thanks all - he seems to be better today! I'm going to sleep very good tonight.
  14. mstang67chic

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    Iz Cloe an Chester. Wez herds you had a seesr and hopes you feelz betr. Mommy wuz waffing hardz....she sez she peeksur yo momma getting the pees. Wer not sur what dat meens but she thot it waz funnees. We hopes you betters soon.


    Cloe and Chester
  15. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Dr. Called -

    Urinalyses - Okay. Bloodwork - Within normal limits for a K9 of 9 years. Thoughts - 9 year old bulldog (um BOXER MIX - thank you AllState) possibly afflicted with brain tumor. Could do further exploratory - MRI, CT. Then what? Surgery? Radiation/Chemo. This would be quantity of life vs. Quality of life. His thoughts - even if it were his dog? This is a long, complicated surgery and recovery with no guarantees. Surgery is painful, recovery is long. Bluntly speaking - you could own a new car for what this will cost in the end. However and MOREso - the pain the animal would be in? Not worth it. If it were his dog - and money were not option? He would not go further.

    Personally? We're happy with hydrochlorothyazide at present - removing the anxiety, providing restful sleep, and no return sign of seizure activity.
    Casper is happy & comfortable - our #1 concern.

    Dr. said there is a possibility that he could have eaten something moldy, but it would have had to have been a significant quantity, very recently of fresh mold. DF and I had found a very, very molded loaf of mountain bread and tossed it in the trash 3 days ago NOT thinking about the great-white-hope. This COULD have been the cause for the seizure. We can't find the loaf in the garbage...but the trash went yesterday AM. And that loaf was nearly hairy, black, almost blue and white with mold. It's a long shot - but it's possible. So just beware. The vet said there isn't really any good scientific links between moldy grain and seizure activities in dogs - but you just never know. It's possible.
  16. Star*

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    Cwoe, Chester -

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