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    Can one of you ladies recommend a good place to take my daughter to have her ears pierced....again? No, this won't be double piercings, she let the piercings she had done at 7 close up. We had those done at the Wal-mart jewelry dept and let's just say I really don't want to do that again.

    Mine were homemade jobs. I really have no idea where to go for this.


    Oh...and let's just say I'm not at all looking forward to having them done again. We are going to live and breathe this for the next 3 months - minimum - after they are done. But, I'm letting her do it because she thinks she's ready - and she found several pairs of earrings in my jewelry box that she's just dying to wear.

    I think us moms should get hazard pay. :faint: :smile:
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    I took my girls to our pediatrician's office; one of his nurses does it there and neither had a problem with infection.

    I know that lots of girls go to Claire's and Piercing Pagoda (found in malls around here) to get their ears pierced. Not sure if you have either in your area.
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    I never even thought about the doctor's office, smallworld. I have to call them to reschedule difficult child's meningitis shot and my pneumonia shot anyway so I'll ask them about that.

    I'm pretty sure we have those two stores here, too. I know we have Claire's and I've heard of the other, so I'll look it up.

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    We have had them done at Claire's and had no trouble IF you use the solution to clean them religiously. Jessie loves hers. My second set of holes has been peirced 3 times and just won't stay un-infected.

    Make sure the starte earrings you choose have a long enough post for her ears. Jessie's starters were not long enough and the backs got embedded in her ear. It was a mess. I pulled it out and put a pair of my good gold earrings in that had long posts. She has been fine since.

    Good Luck!!

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    Claire's always has worked for us. But like Susie said you have to use the solution.

    Good luck with this.

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    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: wyntersgrace</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Oh...and let's just say I'm not at all looking forward to having them done again. We are going to live and breathe this for the next 3 months - minimum - after they are done.

    ....I think us moms should get hazard pay. :faint: :smile: </div></div>

    Yeah, tell me all about it. 3 months and $500 in my easy child's case. :hammer: I do wish I'd waited until she was older. 9 was fine for the actual piercing and ear care. In her case it was too young for handling the problems that came later.

    She had hers done at Claire's and they did a good job. Her infection didn't start in until several months after they healed and she's always cleaned them well. What we didn't like about Claire's is that they do the piercings up by the front window where everyone can see. Merle Norman's and some nice jewelry stores also do them in a less public way.
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    Just a comment. My girls have had their ears pierced for a long time, but they still have to wear 14K gold or the ones that say "nickle free" on them.

    My girls had their piercings done at Claires, but I agree it is in the front of the store and people stop and watch (which I wouldn't want someone watching me).

    PS just to show my age, when I got my ears pierced, you had to do them yourself at home or go to a department store (Elder Beermans, Rikes, Macy's, etc) by appointment when a medical specialist was there to do the piercings. :smile:
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    Also took my daughter to Claires had no problem. She is so paranoid about everything she cleaned them constantly. I had mine done eons ago and mine never grew up. When I want to wear earrings now I will have to push the back through. It's weird almost like the back grows up but the front doesn't. I have long hair so I rarely wear them. Most of the time I don't think about it.

    Trying to get my nerve up at some point this next year to get my belly button pierced.

    I agree with the 14K earrings if your daughter had a problem before.

    Good Luck.
  9. Star*

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    How am I supposed to concentrate on posts while I have to look at a baby donkey? AAaaaaaaaaaaa (pets screen with finger) Soooo adorable.

    Well slap me - because I don't have any ear piercings. That one in the tongue, and 2 in my nose hurt so bad I just couldn't do the ears. Maybe another day. I did manage to sit and get both eyebrows done, and though it's a challenge to find loose fitting bras - that don't snag and hang up - I enjoy them mostly. Hands down the one in my belly hurt the worst. After all that? I just couldn't go through with my ears. Too painful. (overheard at Claires by a teenager with her friends waiting to get something else punctured) - yes she had red hair and black lipstick. Pretty!

    I never thought of my son wanting holes, but now he's got more piercings in his ears than me (seriously I have none nowhere) He also insists on wearing Liberace size cubic zirconia. I swear to you his head looks like the fog lamp in a beach light house, and when he tilts his head & hits the light just right? There is a potential to be blinded for life. So I sadly will tell you - My son pierced his own, and then my MOTHER took him to have them done professionally at Claires in the mall.

  10. Big Bad Kitty

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    *heh heh*

    My tongue IS pierced.
  11. Star*

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    I thought you "talked" a little funny - I may have done that too, but thought about busting my 2 front teeth out from the back and trying to explain WHY I had a ball bearing on my tongue to my dentist. lat so i loood enloy liceleam
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    I can't imagine having my tongue pierced although I think it looks really cool on those that have it done. I just know how bad it hurts when I bite my tongue. Don't think I could put something through it on purpose. *shudder*

    Thanks for the feedback. If Claire's is going to do it up front, then that's out.

    I've never heard of so many people having infections with them. My first ones were done at home when I was 6. My mom numbed my earlobes with ice cubes, filed the posts of the earrings to a point, stuck a bar of soap behind my ear (hotel size soap) and pushed them through. Of course, the hole on my right ear isn't exactly straight and I always have to fish around to find the back. We just cleaned with alcohol twice a day for 6 weeks and turned the earrings.

    easy child pierced his own ear 2 summers ago at his dad's. Just pushed an earring through. I doubt he was very good at cleaning it.
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    Hi girls, since the topic is ear piercing I have a question...
    I took babygirl for her 5th birthday to Piercing Pagoda in the mall, they were great, she didnt cry at all and I left feeling like she just conquered the world, I thought it would have been alot worse.
    Well after a about 5 weeks I had took out the studs and put in a different stud with a pretty stone, well one of her holes looked like the needle of a pin, sort of stretched and long, I was so upset. I didnt know what to do so I just left them out hoping they will close up.
    My ears are the same way but I have had them pierced since I was about 8 years old and I cant remember when it happened or how but my holes are stretched out too.
    I was thinking she might have gotten it caught while taking off her shirt or something.

    Has anyone had this happen? should I re pierce them?

  14. Star*

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    Well (blech)

    Yes, difficult child's got long like slits instead of holes. He let them grow shut and had them pierced again this time at a body piercing place. (That just sounds so seedy) lol

    But the weight of the earrings he chooses I swear if it were a ring you'd have to get a wheeled cart to roll it around to avoid carpal tunnel. So I have no doubts that his holes grew.

    Now if his MOUTH would just grow shut. Ahhhhhhh....a girl can dream.