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    OK so I am sitting here surrounded by 3 zillion plastic easter eggs, and some tiny trinket novelty toys thingies and coins and $1 bills. I have a mountain of Easter candy here.....
    I have to tell you- I have NEVER liked jelly beans or peeps AT ALL- yukky yukky! I am not crazy about chocolate bunnies either- if I want chocolate I much prefer a few hershey kisses. LOL. And these plastic eggs? I am getting mad at them.they do not seem to want to stay put together, so what I put inside them pops out. Yeesh.
    Cadbury eggs? EEEEK- the whole idea of those gags me.

    OK so I have a ham for tomorrow. The ham is for ME, cuz my boogery kids do not eat ham, heck, I am not sure just what they DO eat, cuz every meal every day for most of their lives I usually get mostly grumbles, and I get asked mom, can't we order pizza, mom, why can't we have McDs. Mom, take us to Taco Bell. The good thing is cooking a ham really is, in my opinion LOTS easier than makeing grilled cheese for a crowd, when you really think about it.
    and hey, the price of the bread this week, or the cheese? The ham really was not all thta much more (especially since I had a $5 ham coupon and a $5 gift cert easy child earned at work for "Service First Award" and her employee discount. LOL.
    SO- I was wondering what treats YOU enjoy that are traditional or avaliable for Easter?
    Hmm, I like baked ham....and asparagus.....and plain baked fresh sweet potatos. And I liked those little egg shaped chocolate eggs with peices of butterfinger chopped up inside them. I also LOVE themed M&Ms. (the Easter ones are probably my very most favorite, tho)
    Gosh I do miss back when my girls were little, and they wore a frilly dress and a little bonnet and white patent leather shoes and sometimes I even got them little white gloves and or a purse, LOL. The kids balked at going to sit on Easter Bunnies lap this year, tho. <pout>
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    Oh yeah, I also liked WalMarts Easter display shelves. AT our superwalmart they had a yellow section, a green one, a blue one, a purple one and a pink one.where the items were identical except for the color, so they had all the stuff of one color all togeher and next to it set up exactly the same, the items in another color....from far away it was pretty nifty. I thought it was cool to color code each childs things, so difficult child got all pink everything, easy child got all purple and my son got all blue, and PCs boyfriend got all greeen. Now they cannot fight and say hey thats MINE, you ate mine. LOL. ANd they even had edible grass! also color coded! (we did not yet taste it)
    I love to go to the store and walk EVERY aisle, when I have time.....I love looking at everything.and I love walking around (too much snow, slush, ice and mud outside here) and I like watching the people there, too. Thank goodness my kids are now old enough I CAN do this sometimes, LOL.

    I swear one day I saw a chocolate bunny without ears, it was made that way, but when I went back to buy it for husband, they were all gone, and I never did see any more anywhere else. I thought it woulda been perfect for him, cuz he always complains when he has to do something, so- the hard part was already done, the ears were already gone. Oh well.
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    Well, I HATE jelly beans. I have to hide this, because my dad thinks he is being super nice when he comes out and gives us each 3 or 4 of the nasty things. I also hide it from the kids, who would go back with Gpa and come out with 1 bean for each person - then they got a few for them. IT was good to teach them to give/share with others. And it is working to teach my niece the same. I just can not eat them, not even one. The food color makes me migraine, and the taste, yuck!

    I AM a peeps person. Does that make me a peeple? My dad is a HUGE peeps fan. Back when they only had peeps at Easter (this year I saw them for Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, and for something else - shape was unidentifiable), I save my $$ and got my dad a shopping cart FULL of Peeps after Easter. His birthday is April Fools, so I gave htem to him then.

    I ask the kids what kind of candy they want: this year they got smarties, reeses, and starburst. thank you wanted Sprees, but I couldn't find them.

    We do a ham for most major holidays. I still remember going to my Gmas for ham, potato salad, macaroni salad, and other easy stuff. We used to just nibble for HOURS! She always had food that didn't have to be cooked for holidays. Stuff from the deli, a ham (that got cooked the day before, or in the case of Christmas, during Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve) and stuff from the bakery. Her husband (my Gpa) said holidays were for EVERYONE and HIS WIFE was not spending the whole day cooking. We continue that tradition in my side of the family. Well, except for my bro we do. HE wants/pushes for the big fancy dinner on Christmas. We ALL say no, even if he cooks it all we don't want it. WE want to enjoy each other, NOT watch him cook and hear all year about how we didn't help!

    Hope you have a nice Easter!

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    do you ever roast yuour peeps? I know some people that do. My kids wanted to a couple years ago, but I had to leave the room becuz I said it seemed kind of barbaric. LOL. Yes, it cracks me up to see year round for every holiday Peeps, LOL. I do think the little stuffed animal peeps are cute.

    I'm with you- enjoy the holiday..these days I mostly just cook what I want to, what I feel like messing with, cuz my kids do not care, my husband does not care....and they are haveing a nice break..so I have been useing like paper plates (Holidays are the ONLY time we do use paper) and I just decide what sounds good to me, that we can nibble whenever....and I was surprised, husband and the kids like it that way.

    Bleah, jelly beans? I do not like how they feel in my mouth, or the taste. I also do not eat gummy anything or fruit snacks. I do not even like jello or jelly, LOL. BUT, I DO like "Dots" now how much sense does that make?

    I do not like marshamallow anything, either, like those chocolate covered marshmallow eggs? ANd I do not like those chicks things that are like circus peanuts? I do not even like candy corn. BUT I DO like those Robins Eggs things- the malted milk balls? those are OK. LOL. ANd me? Geesh, I fall for the gimmicky stuff.I like those little chickens you hold in your hand and the heat from your hand makes them chirp? LOL.
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    We put the peeps in the microwave ;)
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    BBK---You nuke your peeps! That's a new one to me. I love peeps. So does PCd---PCs is a Cadbuy's egg addict---and difficult child loves peanut butter eggs! I didn't buy a single piece of candy this year. husband bought pcd and difficult child and me a pack of peeps. PCson and daughter in law were here last weekend with gs so they are at her home this weekend :(. If he had been here I would have gone all out. I did send him a large basket through UPS.

    When the kids were little I made jello eggs every year. I had large baskets and hid eggs all over the yard. They always had new suits and shoes. I have pictures each Easter of them standing in my grandmother's yard in front of the azaleas. Pictures had to be done right after church before we sat to eat. It was mandatory and each family had to have a group shot, a family shot, and a kids shot. I had forgotten about that until I started typing this post. Now, I'm crying. God I miss those days. I miss my grandparents so much!!!

    Today we will go to sister in law. I'm fixing cream cheese corn and veggie casserole. She has ham and fresh green beans and mac and cheese and squash casserole. Her grands will be there so little kids will be around---maybe I want miss gs too much.
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    I couldn't decide what I wanted to cook for Easter. I went shopping and meat was on sale. I bought beef roast, pork roast and ham. I had a boneless turkey breast in the freezer. I had all the fixin's for stuffing if that was chosen. I let the kids decide, and they chose Turkey. I took out the frozen turkey breast, froze the other meat. Saturday I look at the Turkey and it says "cajun style"...yuk!!! easy child likes that kind of food. Heck he puts Tabasco and hot sauce on absolutely everything he eats. husband also uses a lot of hot sauce. Not me. I went out and bought a regular turkey breast for me.
    Pumpkin pie was made on Saturday. Made cookies as well. Stuffing was done on Saturday. The meal was an easy one.

    Candy - I love candy. I especially LOVE chocolate. yummy. All chocolate. So, difficult child had an easter basket of jelly beans(jelly belly factory is down the road) and lots of chocolate. All kinds of chocolate. And easy child..he doesn't like candy, so I always make sure i fix him something because I know he will thank me and tell me I can have it!!

    difficult child had gotten a new Baseball bat a few weeks ago. Senior league now he must have a big barrel bat. $$$$ Do you KNOW how much those cost???

    when he was snooping around I realized he was looking for something from Easter Bunny. I laughed and told him Easter Bunny brought him his gift a few weeks ago. His bat! I did get him this ball thing he liked from Walgreens. Has a bunch of finger thingy's on it. He loves the smell. He likes the smell of new shower curtains, new cars, rubbery things. At the auto show he would go sit in all the cars and smell them.