Easy Balloon Filling - Great Gift Idea!!

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    I cannot remember who was asking about ideas for filling balloons. I love visiting the Daily Grommet site (www.dailygrommet.com) because they have really great products and there is a short video about each item. The video shows real people using it and also tells/shows who invented it and why.

    They had a new product this week called "The Pumponator". It is designed to make filling balloons much easier, whether you are using air or water to fill them. It looks like a pitcher with aa nozzle instead of a spout. You fill it with water and then pressurize it with a pump, like those oil sprayers you can get to use in the kitchen. Once it is pressurized you put a balloon over the nozzle and then squeeze the handle to let the water out. It looks a lot easier, and less messy, than most other ways to fill up balloons.

    It also works with an empty pitcher if you want to fill the balloons with air.

    It was invented by a 4th grader with the help of her grandparents.

    They have lots of other really great gift ideas, most of them are environmentally conscious too!


    Take a look for yourself!