easy child 2/difficult child 2's colposcopy results

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    We saw the specialist today. The pathology - CIN1/2. Considering the biopsy had scored it as CIN4, it is a relief. The specialist (he's a private bloke husband & I sprang for after the public hospital mucked her around badly) said that the pathologist was almost certainly being as pessimistic as possible, to avoid under-calling it.

    He examined her again, including painting her cervix with vinegar (it identifies lesions but can often give false positives) and doing a repeat Pap smear. All clear - she's healed up brilliantly, he said. Back in six months (just before her 25th birthday) and that will also involve another Pap smear and a check for localised virus load. if all clear - she will be considered cured.

    easy child 2/difficult child 2 is very happy with this. So am I. This doctor is also wonderful to deal with - funny, kind, caring and very, very smart at what he does. We've herd great reports of him from other people, doctors and patients both. I've told easy child 2/difficult child 2 that when it's time for her to start a family, she needs this guy as her doctor.

    So - good news.

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    Yay!!! LOVE good news!!!

    doctor sounds like a real winner.
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    I am glad that the news was so great! I had a bad pap in college and needed surgery for it, so I know how scary it is. At the time of the test I knew that you had to have a pap smear but I didn't know what it was for. I about fell out of the window seat I was sitting in when the nurse told me it didn't necessarily mean I had cancer - of course she told me this over the phone!!

    Seeing that she had such a lousy doctor from the regular service, it probably would be well worth the money for her to save up for the private doctor when she has kids. A good doctor can make a HUGE difference in a pregnancy.
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    This doctor also does a lot of work with fertility problems. He's also quite young, so unlikely to retire for some time. Our previous gynaecologist was amazing, but has just retired from obstetrics. He's the one who recommended this new bloke for the task. Then one of difficult child 3's teachers told me tat this bloke had operated on her, done a hysterectomy (it had been necessary) and handled it so compassionately that she couldn't recommend him highly enough.

    Interestingly, when I rang the public specialist to cancel with him, he said his wife sees this new doctor of easy child 2/difficult child 2's.

    As for when she plans a family - she will have to be able to afford her own medical bills by then! She does have private health insurance to cover this as far as possible. And yes, she has obstetric cover too.

    The public doctor we said no too - he actually is an IVF specialist, he seemed a good bloke, but the public hospital system was the problem there. And with obstetrics - the public system means you turn up t the clinic and see whoever is on duty. If it's not always the same doctor you see, stuff gets missed. A woman I knew had gestational diabetes (I was certain) with her second-last pregnancy. That baby was born badly overweight plus her BiPolar (BP) had skyrocketed. The baby was so fat he didn't walk until he was nearly two, and always had problems with his weight. And her next pregnancy - she tipped right over into full-blown permanent diabetes, because the previous pregnancy issues had gone undiagnosed. I can't say how she fared long-term because she died when her baby was six weeks old. Not due to the diabetes - she had an aneurysm in the brain. I was pregnant with difficult child 3 and ill, unable to go to the funeral. But I watched her son grow up, her second-youngest, and the problems he had with his weight.

    We have a good public health system here, but I still recommend to my kids that for obstetrics at least, go private.

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    I am thrilled about the news - and this doctor needs to clone himself - we could use a few here!!!! He sounds fantastic.
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    Wonderful news! Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!