easy child 2's mom strikes again

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Shari, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    easy child 2 comes to our house on Wed nights after school and every other weekend thru the school year. She didn't show up tonight (first day of school). I called the neighbor who rides the bus with her. She said she went to her mom's. So I called her mom.
    Remember the camping trip mom forgot about? The email I sent reminding her about it? In that email, I said "since I haven't heard anything, we'll plan to bring easy child back on the 3rd and resume the school schedule on the 13th."
    She neglected to tell me that she hasn't had easy child 2 exclusively for 2 full weeks to "pay back" for the camping trip, so easy child's not coming to our house tonight OR this weekend. Nice to be informed. Never mind the fact that mom is in the city selling veggies and won't be home til around 8:30 tonight...
    She said she gave easy child the "option" of coming to our house, but when I talked to easy child, she said mom did give her the option, but followed it with "even tho that will cut back on the number of days you spend with your mom" thing...guilt-tripped her into going to mom's instead of our house.
    That woman drives me batty, but I must admit, with difficult child like he is, I'm not really sorry easy child won't be here tonight.
  2. Big Bad Kitty

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    Deep breaths.

    I get it. I am dealing with Tink's dad's girlfriend and a whole lotta drama served on the side.

    Stupid should hurt, don't you think?
  3. Star*

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    This is better than Soaps. I swear I saw the title and thought to myself (groan) OMG WHAT has that woman done NOW.

    I really think a fruit selling vegetables is nutty. :tongue:
  4. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    Then she had the gall to remind me that she lets us keep easy child on Sunday nights sometimes when we go out of town to my mom's and that "really" cuts into her time.

    She goes to bed at 8 so she can go to work at 5am and her mom takes care of easy child til 8am. Missing 2 hours of awake time on a Sunday nights 6 times a year "really" cuts into her time?

    Oh yeah, and her mom told us that she was laid off, not voluntarily took the summer off. So easy child probably has no health insurance. We're responsible for half if easy child gets hurt. Had we known in the first 30 days, I could have covered her on my policy at work...
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    OOf. I agree with BBK stupid should hurt. And not the people affected by it.