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    I feel so left out. Is it because I am the groom's mother? Fiance said she would keep me in the loop and I can help. However I work weekends, and the rest of the world works week days. And I DO understand she would go with her mother. But I didn't even know how many people are invited and I didn't even know what time it was at.

    They chose Friday, August 12th. They are trying to pay for it on their own and Friday's are much less expensive.

    Seems like they have everything but the flowers taken care of. We went to dinner last night with her parents. I am not jealous just felt sad that I didn't know a lot of the wedding planning.

    The maid of honor asked me to do a Bridal shower with her. I don't know much about that and have no family in town. I work out of town so co-workers are out.
    I have neighbors that knew easy child since he was a little boy, but they are having a small wedding and I can't invite all the neighbors. And I don't think you can invite people to the shower that are not invited to the wedding. Right?????

    Any idea's for center peices for the wedding? 13 tables.
    Any idea's for the Bridal Shower? I've never been to one and I certainly never hosted one. Any Idea's for me?

    So, I asked my future daughter in law to come over this morning so I can run some things by her regarding the shower.

    easy child and her came over and we talked about things for a while. THEN......easy child said
    "difficult child...I asked you to be here because I wanted to tell you....you are going to be an UNCLE". OMG....I am going to join the Grandma club!!!!

    I am so excited and want to tell everyone. But easy child said I have to wait three months to make sure everything goes well. But.....I am so excited.
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    I understand, K. At Son #2's wedding, they designed a detailed program for the guests, specifically listing the names of the bride's mother, the groom's mother, and the bride's father, BUT my Hubby (the groom's father) was not mentioned. I didn't care about not being mentioned, after all, I'm the stepmom, but I was really PO'd for Hubby.

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    Yes, I think it is because you are the groom's mother. It does not have to be that way, but I think it usually is.

    Our centerpiece was a 3 foot tall vase with flowers cascading out of the top. You can see them at Joanne's or Michael's. We did not buy them, the reception hall provided. We had many options to choose from.

    The shower - I would say - just make sure the food is good. That seemed to be the most important thing to the guests at mine. LOL! I had such a blast!
    Have you ever heard of the Italian shower tradition of hanging the rented umbrella over the bride where she opens gifts and then at the end the Maid of Honor turns it over and panties (some huge and some sexy) are hanging from the umbrella? We have done it for years - but most people at my shower had never heard of it!
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    Also, if he's 28 that could also explain a lot. I was in my late 20's when we got married. Had been out on my own for 10 years by then. It would have felt odd to me to pull parents back into decisions, etc. when I'd been handling it on my own for so long.
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    The bridal shower? I think people not invited to the wedding can be invited to the shower. I know people who have very small weddings, like just family, have bridal showers and may invite people from their churches or people from work. I dont think that would be odd. When my son almost got married the first time, his bridal shower was held at her church and they were going to get married at this little marriage chapel in SC. Certainly werent inviting anyone but immediate family. Heck, I didnt know anyone at the bridal shower!

    Jamie married his second wife...the one he is now with...at a justice of the peace...and they didnt have a bridal shower. They had a baby shower about a year and a half before that. Thats when he proposed to her. Again...I hardly knew anyone...lol. Thats a theme with him.

    I think with boys there is less that grooms parents are involved. Just get used to it.
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    Honestly? Seriously? Yes... It's mostly about the bride.

    I'll be totally honest with you though. When husband and I got married in 2005, we only did it in mother in law's backyard so husband's grandma, who was 93 and could not walk, could be there. Family only. I think we had 12 guests total.

    And mother in law went berserk and tried to plan the whole thing.

    Thank heavens my mother had already taken over the cake (2 layers), or it would have been huge and tiered and ghastly, like the explosion of flowers. I took a double dose of Benadryl right before, after I saw the flowers... Wildflowers, because mother in law knew I loved them (um, no, I really do NOT, and neither do my allergies). Mom also got some fruit and a cold-cut tray - so I could tell mother in law that the food was a done deal.

    You see... The groom's Mom sometimes gets a little nuts. I'm not saying that's you, but that's why she's been gently relegated to the sidelines in most cases.