easy child and husband are going to Honduras

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    ... on a mission trip, to an orphanage, March 6.

    husband has been promising this to easy child for 4 yrs. It was going to be a special father-daughter thing. Originally, it was El Salvador. I did not like that. Too rough. Plus, easy child is such an airhead, she walks around with-her purse wide open, hugs everybody, pays no attention to her environment, you get the idea. She scares me. Somehow, the brochures went into the circular file. ;)
    The next yr, easy child pushed the issue, but husband was busy with-other things, so the trip never happened. easy child was ticked.

    The next yr, husband was busy, and I even pushed the issue, knowing that easy child was maturing, it was a reputable group, she had taken advanced Spanish (and I even went with-her to an after-hrs church Spanish class, to brush up) and the trip didn't happen. husband said it conflicted with-his ofc hrs.

    easy child was livid.

    This yr, I offered easy child the option of another group, very reputable, but a general helping org, rather than an orphanage, like she wanted. She was disappointed, and angry with-husband, because it was supposed to be their special trip. I told her that he drags his feet and she needed a backup plan. She got on his case. She is in advanced honors Spanish. She promised her advisor that this was her Sr. project. He has promised her for 4 yrs and it has never happened.

    Somehow, it all came together.
    They were supposed to leave in April, but that was way too close to the end of the yr. That would give easy child no time to prepare her presentation.
    husband got a ph call saying it had been moved up to March 6, and instead of El Salvador, it was Honduras. BOOK IT! I said. NOW!!

    He did. :peaceful:

    The only problem is, it's Winter Break at school. An entire wk, home alone with-difficult child. I am not looking forward to it. I hate to sound like a horrible mom, but I am exhausted. And getting panicky.

    So, there ya go.
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    Star* call 911........call 911

    I have friends in Hondouras - I wish I could go too!

    I'm thinking - MANNY /NANNY for that week - like big brother project ....every single day for at least 5 hours....

    You dont sound like a bad mom - you sound like a sensible woman.lol
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    Yes, my Zimbabwe client had better get well soon, and I had better cough up some $ because he's going to be The Man.